The Effects of Iran Islamic Revolution upon Freedom Movements of the world

The Effects of Iran Islamic Revolution upon Freedom Movements of the world

The Islamic Republic of Iran that is reminded as the last revolution of twentieth (20th) century by most of people, is one of the most important historical incidents of the 20th century, and that is the cause of many historical events and social and political changes.

By M.Jorjani

The  Islamic   Republic  of   Iran   that  is  reminded  as  the  last revolution  of  twentieth (20th) century  by  most of  people, is  one  of the most important  historical   incidents  of  the  20th  century, and  that  is  the  cause  of  many  historical  events  and  social  and political changes.

This incident not only caused the kingdom regime collopsed and made initial changes in the social and political arenas in Iran, but created plenty and various signs and reflections over the borders of Iran, as well. Many of western theoriticians (palitical theorists) believe that Islamic Republic and Islamic Republic Government that was governed following this revolution on Iran, was not a suitable sample for Muslim (Moslem) countries and non of Muslim nations and countries are interested to make a similar form of Iran Islamic Republic in their own countries. 

Therefore, this revolution has not had positive effects on the world of Islam. In other word, the idea of revolution exporting designed by Hazrat Imam, has been defeated. While it seems that despite what these theoroticians have supposed, being Islamic and idiologic of this revolution, have caused its specific effects on the world of Islam and Muslim countries and on nations of the world .

Eghbal Lahori in his book “Own –phylosophy” predicts that Tehran will be  Muslims setllement in future. After Islamic Revolution, also, Iran  became  as  the  capital  city  of  the  Islamic  goverments  (Ommol  Ghoray-e-Islami)  even  Iran  because of its secific situation, and  huge  and endless energy resources, a powerful cultural and believable tool can be center of new Islamic Civilization Organization, because, Iran  Islamic Revolution in existence, in quality of fighting and in motivation. ….is separate from other revolutions, and  is able to be distinguishable  and  more  pioneering  in  results  and  achievements  than  other  revolutions. These  charactrics  have  root  in  faith  and  beliefs  originated  from religion.This revolution come from religion, as well, assists in faith revival and renewal of Islam life in Iran and the world. One of its  dimensions is the  birth and duration of contemporary Islamic political movement in two recent decades.

The effectiveness of Islamic Revolution on other public revolutions, specially Islamic countries is an important event, and we can give examples ,  such as existing common cases between Iran Islamic Republic and contemporary political movements. These common aspects,  provided  mutual  effect contemporary Islamic Revolution. From these backgrounds that we can remind as convergency factors and conformity elements, consist  of:

1- Common  Idea  : Iran Islamic Revolution and contemporary Islamic movement, are interested  in  putting  aside  cruelty  and curruption,  and enforcement  of  Islam  rules  and  placement  of  Islamic  government  in  Moslim  socities  and  fluttering  the  flag  of  LA ELAHA ELLALLAH (the  only  God) all  around  the  world  through  lack  of  powers  and  rely  on  endless  divine  power  and  masses of people .  Pay  attention to  what  Imam  Khomani  (A. R.)  in  this  issuse :  “All  be  at  the  scene,   be  together,  we  want  to  protect Islam,  that  is  impossible  with staying  far.  Don’t  suppose  that  with  being  indifferently  your  responsibitiy  is  finished ” .  Of course some  of  political  Islamic movements,  only  desiring  acting  Islam  issues  in  their  countries,  and  some  are  looking  for   a confirimation  of  independent  government   without  relying  on  the  form  of Islamic  government.  Hence,  we  can  say  that contemporary  Islamic  movements  are  owed to  Islamic  Republic  for  their  existence. Because  Islamic  Revolution  renewed  Islam and  Muslim,  saved  them  from  isolation  and inferiority  and  confirmed  that  Marxim,  Liberalism  and  Nationalism  are  unable   to govern  and  lead  Muslems,   so  it  designed  Islam  as the  only  solution  for  political  living  of  Muslims.  Sheikh  Abdolaziz  Oudeh, the  outstanding  clergyman  from  Polestine,  has  said : ”Revolution  of  Khomeini (A. R.),  was  the  most  important  and  the  most serious  effort  to  awaken  Muslim  nations  and  Islam .” Therefore,  being  and  existence  of  Islamic  political  movements  are related  to  Islamic  Revolution.   This  affair  has  provided  necessary fields  for  impression  of  Islamic  movements  from  Islamic Revolution.  

2- Equal  opponent;  Islamic  Revolution  and  Islamic  movements  have  the  same  enemy.  This  common  enemy  that  is  the  same world arrogance  with  leadership  of  America   (huge   Satan)  and  Israel  (cancerous  tumor),  like  christian  crusaders,  European  colonialists threaten  Islam,  while  Islamic  Republc  is  carrying  on  his  shoulders  the  flag  of  combating  against  common  enemy of Islam   world  with designing  the  motto  ( No  Eastern,  No  Western ).  Imam  Khomeini (A. R.)  said  about  this  case:  ”Our  common enemy,  today,  are Israel,   America   and  so  forth,  that  they  wish  to  destroy  our  reputation  and  put  us  under  the  preasure  of cruelty  again.  Fend  of this common  enemy .”

3- Oneness;  insistence  and  emphasis  of  Islamic  Revolutian  and  its  leadership  on  the  necessity  of   all  layers,  oneness  and  all of Islam  religions  in  achieving  victory  over  domestic  and  foreign  scenes  is  another  background  of   tendency  for   contemporary Islamic political  movements   towords  Islamic  Revolution.  Because  Islamic  Revolution   with  relying  on  pure  Islam  of  Mohammad ( P.  B. U. H. ) consider  no  differences  between  black  or  white  Muslims,  European  and  so  on, does  not  insist  on  quarrelsome aspects  among Muslims, but with  creating  Islamic  Unification  center,  establishment  of  Ghods  Day, issue  of  Imam  Khomeini’s command  against  Salman  Roshdi and  observing  Oneness  Week  (Hafte -e - Vahdat) and…. has  taken  actions  on  the  way  of union.  For  this  reason  an  extensive spectrum of  Non–Shiei  and  even  Freedom  Movements  of  Non–Islamic,  have  chosen  Iran Islamic  Republic  as  their  way  and  pattern.

So,  it  is  not  surprising  that  Palestinian  Traditional  Muslims  with  the  name  and  reminding  of  Imam  Khomeini ( A. R. ) take actions  in martyrdom  attemps.  Mojib–o–Rahman  Shami,  Pakestani  Journalist  says  in  this  case:  ”Another  effect  of  Imam  is,  although  he  was  a Shii’e   leader,  in  spite  of  this,  he  was  not  a  separate  preacher.  His  cry  was  for  Islam.”

4- Islamic  Revolution  democracy  has  been  a  factor  in  extension  of  revolution  and  accepting  that  by  Muslim  nations.  The revolution of the  year  57  and  its  leadership,  were   in  this  belief  that  we  should  respect  and  give  value  to  nations,  not  to goverments.  For instance, Hajj  and  the  value  an  importance  that  were  considered  by Islamic Iran  is  one  of  the  subjects  that  is representative  of  Iran Revolution democracy.  Because  Imam  Khomeini (A. R.),  sent out the Hajj  from worship  cermonies.  He  did  it through  resurrecting innocence  of pagans  that  is  a  sign  of  innocence  of  pagans  by  prophet (P. B. U. H.) in  the  early  Islam.  Although  the  compensation  of  Hajj  democratic was  killing  about  400  Iranian  pilgrims  in  Hajj,  but  three  years  later that  Iranians went  Mecqa  once  more,  the  yell  of pilgrims  pagans innocence  such  remained,  in  more  limited  scale,  of course.

Samples  of  influential  

revolutions  and  movements

from  Iran  Islamic  Revolution

Turkey:  Turkey   which  was  an  heir  of  OSMANI  Empire  and  Caliphate, because  of  being  geographic  neighboring   and  for  the reason of having  ethnical   language  and  religious  participations,  a  few  weeks  before  Saddam’s   attack  to  Iran,  a  military  coup  d’etat  takes place  in  Turkey  that  symmetry  and  succession  of  such  event  at  the  same  time  with  Islamic   Revolution  can strengthen  this hypothesis   that  army  government  in  Turkey  has  been  part  of  strategy  to  control  Islamic  Revolution  and  also  to  blind  one  of  top bridges.  Thus,  the  big  political  problems  of  Turkey  in  following   years,   also,  can  be  seen  from  this  view.  Including  arrival  and departure  of  Refan  Islamic  Party,  Fazilat  Party  and  eventually  party  of  development  and  justice  political  scene  in  that  country  can be a  kind  of  serious  challenge  to  Turkey  Laic  Regime  that  is  also  interpreted  resulting  from  Islamic  Republic.

Afghanistan:  After  9  months  from  occuring  Marxist  coup  d’etat  in  Kabol, the  Islamic  Revolution  became  victorious  in  Iran,  and caused  changes  on  the  way  of  combat  and  political  in  Afghanistan  the  side  of  spiritual  deep  effects  over  the  process  of  Afghanistan  people  Jihad,   democratic  combat  tactics  that  have  been  used  during  extensive  combats  of  Moslim  people  in  Iran against  Shah  Regime,  had  notable  effeect  on  the  combat  way  of  Afghans.

Democratic  insurrections  in  the  cities  of  Harat (17March,  1 979)  and  Kabol (June,  1979)  were  initial  and  important  samples  of  Jihad procedures  of  Iran  Muslim  people.  And  in  that  way,  the  combat  way   of  Afghanistan  Muslim  people  involved  fundamental  evolution.

Pakistan:  Democratic  excitements  and  social  imaginations  of  revolution  imitating  in  Pakistan  were  amazing  at  succession  and synchronism  of  Islamic  Revolution.  But  in  this  country  also  alinost  at  the  same  time  with  Islamic  Revolution  of  militaries  with leadership  of  Zia-o-lhagh  to  take  control  the  situation  by  coup  d’etat,  and  he  himself  becomes  the  leader  of  reviving  Islam.  This case  can  be  considered  as  resulting  of  historical  necessities  and  private  motivations  and  a  tactic  for  dominating  Islam  and revolution growing ,  because  of  Iran  changes.  Worrying  about  deep  and  vast  influence  and  effect  of  Islamic  Revolution  caused  some reactions.  Establishment  and  development  of  Sepah-e-Sahhabeh   and  terrorizing  Iranians  in  charge  were  examples  of  these  reflexes.

Tailand:  Victory  of  Iran  Revolution  was  not  effctless  over  Tailand  and  their  huge  marching  for  erecting  Krozeh  Historical  Mosque,  in the  year  of  1369,  has  been  kind  of  Muslims   struggles  on  the  way  of  their  Islamic  identity.  The   government  of  Tailand  has  also followed  stable  and  conventional  relations  with  Iran  regarding  its  domestic  politics.

Palestine:  Iran  that  was  one  of  the  supporters  of  Sahyonism  Regime  interests  before  Islamic  Revolution  became  center  of fighting against  that  regime  after  the  revolution  victory,   and  this  country  got  the  pulsing  center  of  Islamic  Resistance  against Palestine occupiers,   and  the  flag  of  flight  that  heads  of  Arabic  countries  had  put  down  with  signing  Camp  David  Contract,  Imam  caught  with whole  awe  – inspiring  and  courage, and  on this  way  he  granted  the  combats  of  Palestine  people  Islamic identification.

Thus   the   embassy  of  occupier  regime  closed  and  palestine  embassy  was  stablished,   and  Imam ( A. R. ) named  Ghod’s  Day,  the last  Friday  of  holy  Ramadan  month   because   of  giving  consistency  to  Islamic  movements  supporters  of  Palestine  nation.  Although the  epic  of  Palestine  people  was not  on  accidental  event,   and  the  people  of  Palestine  have   stayed  firmly  in  front of  Sahyonist barbarous  attacks,  fact  is  that  after  Islamic  Revolution, a  new  action  started  in  Palestine  people  combats  and lots  of  young  people joined  Islam,   and  the  number  of  mosques in western  coastline  and  border  of  Gazeh  increased.   And Polestine  Hezb-o-llah  that contains  of  Islamic  Revolution  children, as a combat  group  announced  existence  in  Gazeh  prision,  and  very  soon  they  changed fighting against Palestine Occupier Regime under  the  title  of  Islamic  Entefazeh.  In  fact, with being learnd historical lessons from Iran Islamic Revolution, Entefazeh believes the  best  solution  in  saving  Palestine  nation  with  relying  on Isamic  idiology.

Nigeria: Imam  Khomeini’s  learship  and  the  thought  of  Islamic  Revolution  in   Nigeria  society  and  particularly  among  northern  deprived Muslims   contained  special  sentiments  and  reactions.   Establishment  of  Islamic  Republic  motivated  hidden  tendency  toward rehabilitation  and  Islamic  improvement  in  Nigeria.  Local  leaders   of  Islam  revival  in  Nigeria  applied  skillfully  a  copy  of  Islamic foundamental,   designed  and  used  in  Iran  on  the  way  of  covering  combat  against  increasing  corruption  and  excessive  materialism in  Nigeria  organizations.

Egypt:   Iran  Islamic  Revolution  accelerated  the  process  of  Islamic resurrection  in  Egypt.   And  it  is  certain  that  by  no  means  Iran has had  direct  interference  even  indirect  in  Egypt.  Revolutionary  groups  such  as  Ekhvan–o–lmoslemin,  in  Egypt  were  under  influence  of  Iran.  Sunnite (university ) student  (Al Jema’atol Eslamyyah) announced  in  Cairo  university  that  Iran  Revolution  is  deserved  deep investigation.  So  we  can  learn,   achieve  motivation  and  gained  interest  from  this  pattern.

Al-Jazayer:  Iran  Islamic  Revolution  has  caused  Islamic  awakness  in  Al–Jazayer  increasingly.  Professor (Shikh  Ebrahim  Zak  Zaky)  of combatants  and  leaders  of  Islamic  movement  in  Al-Jazayer says  :  “ The  way  that  Imam  showed  us,   emphasized  on  this  case  that there  is  no  need  to  start everything  from  beginning.   We  should  continue  the  way  only.   Because many  of  jobs  has  already  been done.”  Victory  of  Iran  Islamic  Revolution  and  credit  and  experience  obtained  in  Al–Jazayer  and  the  effect  that  has  on  existing system,   makes  clear  that  how  religious  universities  should  be  administrated  and  how  religious  courts  should  be  organized.  

Sudan:  Official  plan ( making  Islamic   government  and  society  of  Sudan) statrted  in  September 1983,  by  Ja’afar Namiri.  The  time  this plan  began, the  world’s  attention  had  been  attracted  to  a  subject  that,  many  called  it  Islamic  resurrection  . Iran  Revoluton  blew  a new  soul  to  this  resurrection.  In  more  extensive  historical  concept,  Iran  revolution  assisted  forming  the  experience  of  “ making islamic “  in  Sudan  through  influence  on  Islamic  public   resurrection.

Tunisia  and  Libya:  When  Iran  Revolution  was  discussed  in  these  two  countries,   dominance  of  non–religious  rulers  was  challenging among  groups  of  the  society  that  denied  accepting  proper  ideas  of  these  governments  about  this  subject  that  retarded  and  dark- thinking  have  been  settled  in  front  of  modernist  government  values.  Iran  revolution made  faster  the  Islamic  wishes  and  also revolution  that  existed  before  being  in  these  two  countries.

Bosnia  Herzo  Govin:  The  culture,   art  training  and  education  minister, professor  Anis  Amin  Karij  says:   From  the  time  of  islamic revolution  till  now,   we  pronouce  Imam  khomeini  as  “ grandfather  ” and  we  are  aware  that  who  grand  father  was  and  how  much  he was  effective  in  awakeness  and  guidence  of  humen.

Last  WordThe  effects  of  Islamic  Republic  in  making  world  Slamic  awake,   are  very  extensive   and  notable  that  this  article  is  not enough to mention  all  of  them.   In  other  words,  “ It’s  impossible  to  summarise  a  sea  in  one  drop.”  But  in  the  end  as  a  short answer  and  at  the  sametime  perfect  we  can  reper  to  words  of  ayatollah  Mesbah  who  has  said:  “ The  most  important  achievement of  Imam  ( A. R.) movement  was  faith  reviving  and  converting  to  faith  in  the  world  of  contemporary,   like  of  blessing  this  movement, not  only  the  followers  of  Islam  faith,  but  also  other  faith  follower  including  christianity  revived  again,   and  as  a  result,   tendency  to faith  and  having  a  faith  increased  in  other  nations.


Approximation  world  Assembly  of  Islamic  Religions

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