An interview with a foreign guest attending the International conference on the Islamic Unity, Tehran, January 2013: We found him as a brave Muslim leader, such a leader who never ashamed of being true follower of Islam...

Question: Could you please introduce yourself?

Answer: In the name of God. My name is Dr. AtaburRahman, I belong to Pakistan. I'm the member of supreme council of Jamaat e Islami which is headed by Qazi Hussain Ahamad. I'm a former member of Pakistani parliament and I'm also the General sectary of examination board of Islamic institutes in Pakistan. I'm also a member of international forum for Islamic placement detriments.

Question:  For the first question, is it possible for you to explain us Imam Khomeini's attitude about the unity between Muslims especially Sunni and Shia?

Answer:  The first point I want to mention that we are no stranger to Imam Khomeini after discovery of his personality following the victory of the Islamic revolution. We found him as a brave Muslim leader who never ashamed of being true follower of Islam. He told his ideas openly and bravely to the world that yes we are Muslims. We have an ideology, which is useful for the whole humanity. It can bring justice for everybody for everyone then in to this world, the world of superpowers. He confronted the world sole super power of the United States and its western and regional puppets. At this critical juncture of history, he felt no fear of these types of powers. He believed that real power and source of power is Allah sobhanahoovetaala (Allah, the Glorified the Exalted).  Therefore, the great Imam has had a very firm belief in God the Almighty and the followers of the Islamic Revolution were very committed and truthful people.

Therefore, he proved here how the ideological religion can run the country and can run the state affairs. He also proved how the Islamic government handles the important issues regarding the Ummah especially when it comes to the question of unity among the Muslims.

We are now seeing real fruit of his efforts

Of course, this was his effort, which we can see now, this 26 international conference on the Islamic unity is result of his ideals, and the 25 functions were already held before every year.

His ideals are now completely being implemented. As he believed that the Shia and Sunni Muslim should forget their differences and get unite under the common and basic teachings of Islam.

Serious efforts are underway to make Imam's ideals of unity be implemented. Ayatollah Taskhir ialso undertook serious forward unity agenda of the great Imam and all these were effective in brining Muslims together and creating an atmosphere of unity among them.

Question: Which perspectives of Imam Khomeini personality you like or admire the most? What do you think about the character of Imam Khomeini that is admired by you?

The first quality is his firm belief about his religion again. I admire that he was very much determined and clear in his ideology and never was shaken in his ideals and ideology. He believed in potentials and practical aspects and perspectives of Islam.

Due to our weaknesses sometimes you are scared; however, he was not scared. Braveness converted him into a religious man with firm beliefs. He was not only just a political leader but was a religious leader. He guided the Islamic Ummah and the people of the oppressed nations around the globe. A lot of  his articles and books have been translated in my language Urdu. I have seen some of these books in Urdu language and that was very useful and beneficial.

Question: Do you want to mention any of your memories about Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution?

Answer.:  In 1979 when we were young people studying in schools in Pakistan or specially my party the Jamaat-e- Islami was very close to this revolution because we have always been trying to bring the Islamic revolution in our country. Our Youth were impressed by the Islamic revolution and in colleges and universities they used to chant the following slogans.  ''Allahoakbar Khomeini rahbar'' (Khomeini is leader).

Question: And what's your idea about the influence of the spread the social media website such as Facebook or tweeter which are publishing information about Imam Khomeini?

Answer. The international and social media have spread and expanded across the world over the past years and they are influencing the thought of our youth. So we must become active on these forums in order to spread clear and pure thought about Islam and the Muslim personalities.


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