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An interview with a professor Talal Adrisi from Lebanon attending the international conference on the Islamic unity in Tehran:

Question: The leadership of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution led by him are the basic force and a great source for the big change and the movement of the present world.

Answer: Dear professor, Could you please to explain a little bit about your life?

Talal Adrisi : My name is Talal Adrisri. I'm a professor in Lebanon University. I teach social psychology.

Question: Please speak about impact of Iran's Islamic revolution and the personality of Imam in Arab counties.

Answer. If we look back when the revolution became and we stay the politics of Islamic circumstances in the world we find out that at the beginning public opinion was influence by communism and Islamic movements were not present in a powerful way in Arab countries. And the scenes of this movement mostly depended on the invitation of the people and number of Islamic endeavors so that they could bring about a political change.

This attitude changed when Islamic revolution in Iran happened. Of course we should note that communism ideas that dominated political parties and organization had reached a dead-end in there programs such that sometimes they could not reach a desirable change or this ideas and movement s in less than century could not change the society or the sovereignty and it was in this phase that the Islamic revolution with its clear slogans and Islamic and cultural moral goals appeared.

Question.: What Imam Khomeini in many of this positioning and speeches since the beginning of the Revelation and even the victory of it proposed was that Islam can create the change in the society sovereignty?

Answer:  It does not need the participation of other and it should create movements that along with its description and nothing else.

Question: What had let Imam to emphasis these ideas was victory of the Islamic revolution and hence can be said that this with his leadership and the thoughts he presented based on Islamic created revelations in the Islamic world?

Answer: On inside Islam and in jurisprudential inclinations of it such that it emphasize the necessity of movement in this age. Since he aimed at establishing the Islamic state and society despite the thoughts and inclination of many who rejected this, the second one was created outside the domain of Islamic jurisprudence and in the world and emphasized that Islamic can create change and can reach sovereignty and create government. For this reason the revolution of Imam is like a big change that took shape in the 8th decade in the world relating gradually to personalities and Islamic movements. Hence we see that Islamic movements in most of Arab and Islamic countries in the 1980s meaning after the victory of the revolution gradually move toward gaining sovereignty of power in their societies such that until today the war continues among them and their continues.

Question.: considering that you have grate knowledge and are highly qualified with respect to human psychology. I proposed three questions: one with regards to the future managers that dominate the world. What future can they have in future, second concerning the characteristic of imam as Godly presence? Third concerning the human characteristic and their inclinations now what analyses do you have with this respect?

Answer: the particular distinctions that Imam has left behind and they affected all the person of the world in addition to his politics and thoughts is his way of life, A humble and plain way one that was unfamiliar to our contemporary world. In other words everyone who had imams standing had a comfortable life and to the extent that was possible enjoyed the power and the domination over his government or across the world but he was not like this. In addition to this the person of imam several cementing and not just one meaning that in his politics is added to morality, piety, plainness and humility and these characteristics cannot be seen in any well-known personalities of the world and we may see many almas that have mystical, moral and such features but he was such that whatever he wanted and touch them. They could be provided thou he was not influenced by them. He chose a way of that resembled the life of the poorest and the most plain individuals and this in addition to having spiritual and moral dimensions and maybe I cannot emulate it exerted a deep import in the selves of not only Iranians but also millions of foreigners. Because of this I believe that this personality has had a deep import on great numbers if those who believe in Islam not being directly related imam or even the Islamic republic.

Question: In your opinion what is the most significant issue of the Islamic world?

Answer.: The Islamic world faces many problems but we can priorities for them. The first problem is the issue of leadership in the Islamic world denoting that in it there is no one leadership and the reason for this is that there are different states and they have various policies. Every state and every president is concerned about it playing first role in the Islamic world. The second problem that is related to the first one is that one of these states is not independent. Meaning that their policy-making does not come from their seditions but is due to the interests of western governments or great powers, this is one of the reasons that prohibit the coming together of these states over the issue of singular leadership. The third problem concerns the delineations of common interests in the Islamic world and on the other hand the delineation of that threatens it. I believe that other problems come for the first one (the singular leadership).



Question: what cause the different aspects of Islam religious? And how it is possible to getter muslins to fight against imperialism and be united at one?

Answer: I believe that the difference in religious does not cause problem in the confrontation with global imperialism. The issue is the political difference in delineating imperils I do believe not the issue the Shia and sunny subject or this and that religion. No it is never like this. The basis of the problem does not concern jurisprudence since the foundation of all the disagreements among Muslims in today's world is something that is political and not jurisprudential. Hence we see disagreement concern in the religious jurisprudence itself in Islamic government but this prohibit Islamic movement from political participation or basically they recognize them or they create wars between themselves and Islamic movement and these and those believe in a singular religion. As such the basis of the disagreement between Iran and western and Islamic governments is not related to jurisprudence but to politics. Hence we should examine the issue form the political angle. Besides that subject the arguments concerning the closeness of religion will be put forward. I believe that the present conditions it is difficult for a congruence among Islamic governments vis-à-vis global imperialism to appear since most of these disagree about delineating their political well-being that fits them. For instant the Islamic republic of Iran delineates imperialistic governments that do want the well-being of the Islamic world. The U.S. and the Israel especially choose the imperialistic government. In the meantime most the sovereigns of Islamic countries do not see this two governments creating danger for the Islamic world. Thus I believe that now it is difficult to talk about political unity in confrontation with global imperialism but it is possible to talk about economic benefits of their cultural exchange among Islamic governments. But a united political position coming from Islamic countries especially with this government is very difficult. Of course perhaps concerning their maters it may be possible to coordinate the political common aces among Islamic countries.

Question: what are your opinions concerning pure Muhammad Islam and the one that Wahabiat disseminates?

Answer.: I believe that the issue does not just concern the understanding of Islam since it is not a jurisprudential none as that has various dimensions. But what Imam put forward may be summarized providing a sprit to Islam which was destroyed Islamic stares and governments. In other words Imam wanted to retune the spirit of movement to Islam after what the general picture concerning this was that it was an individual worship a number of religious ritual and mysticism and slogans into cultural social and political issues. Based on the experience of historical Islam said that the pure Muhammad Islam is the one that established the state and create change and goes after introducing its model to the world. On the other hand there is another idea that does not want Islam to be active. It does not want it to face the time and its changes according to principals. In other word it wants to separate religions form political. Particularly before Wahabiat there are definitions. Those that are different from them have inclinations that see the separation of religion from politics as something that has to be implemented and it can be that religion is associated with politics. It should be noted that some jurisprudences in Islamic religious which are outside the Wahabiat framework say the something and reject the interdependence between religious and politics. They sea plane them and believe that Islam is only worship and a number of acts based on the sharia. Of course Vahabiat has admitted of this issue in a more clear form particularly given that we see a confirmation of Saudi rulers and the Wahabi and considering that their policy is related to American interest in the region and this can be called American Islam. It should be also noted that there are other government that go along with the line since they believe that the U.S. can bring about whatever it wants.

Question:  Which work of Imam have you studied?

Answer: I have studied most of the books which have been translated into Arabic. The books are 'sirussalat' and 'Abadusalat' about all of imam speeches the godly political will.

Question: What is the beauty of the scientists and intellectuals number of the Islamic world at present time?

Answer: I remember the sentence from Imam that says: it is mandatory for intellectuals Islam's    to confront the bangers that threaten the world of Islam in the framework of the ability they have through writing and studies and collective works and as I mentioned it has may problems. The intellectuals and ‘Ulmas should first certainly do something to help the culture growth to the world of and I inset on this since we know there is a paradox in their personality and thoughts now concerning the growth and thoughts that are western and at the same time Islamic and a paradox in two Islamic and western personality can be seen and based on this I say that their duty is to emphasize on the growth issue and what it relates to. The self is full of concepts thoughts and when this takes shape it allows one to understand the problems of this world more and explain them since their duty maybe summarized into two issues: first uttering the problems of the world of Islam and their defends, Second explaining them to the public so that they can understand them and participate in their defense.

Question: What is your opinion the dying ceremonies of Imam?

Answer: Conducting the ceremonies of Imam 's detach is an important and necessary issue and for many of the foreign guests with from various part of  the world of Islam in different levels thoughts culture and politics have participated in it coming to know Iran's Islamic republic is an occupation. Naturally this is an important matter since the relation between this people or these gatherings with imam, his thoughts and the Islamic republic should remain intact. But like every act of human beings it has short comings. One of this is that there is not books or the ones that are smaller which empress Imam's thought in a summary, particularly a hypothesis can be formed that says that perhaps some of the guests have not been, able to find many of the books that are related to Imam and have been published too and even if they have found them in a reminder concerning them is beneficial. There is another issue also and that is that generally the guests are from different classes. For instance they are of university teachers, journalists, chiefs of social institutions, those that have launched a Jihad and others and it is beneficial that meanwhile the general programs for each of these are especial ones so that they can be of service more in the Islamic republic. For instance there can be a program concerning a visit for journalist of some of the responsible people of the Islamic Republic, Especial visits of university and soon so that the most can be attained from these ceremonies.

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