Cubans Widely Welcome Book on the Islamic Revolution

Cubans Widely Welcome Book on the Islamic Revolution

A famous book recently published on the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini in Spanish language has been widely welcomed by a long range of readers across the Latin America region.

The book was originally published in Cuba and was sold like hot cakes on book stores across the region and was displayed during the several exhibitions.

The book contains more than four hundred pages and is decorated with Imam’s photos and pictures.  It consists of 18 chapters and details events of the Islamic Revolution and underscores the different perspectives of the great Imam’s personality.

The famous book compiled by Jalaluddin Madani highlights the justice-seeking perspectives of the Islamic Revolution and its anti-colonial stance. The personality and dynamic thought of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic are appreciated by the people of this region.

Ali Chegini, Iranian Ambassador to Havana said the book was distrusted to libraries, research centers, universities, provinces and cities across Cuba and several other countries.

The ambassador added the second edition of the book will be published very soon and it will be displayed during the International book fair in Havana in coming weeks.

His personality is widely cherished due to his ideas against global arrogance and pro-public stance.

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