Gazans hold national conference against Oslo Accord on 28th anniversary

Gazans hold national conference against Oslo Accord on 28th anniversary

A conference has been held in the besieged Gaza Strip on the 28th anniversary of the signing of the so-called Oslo Peace Accord with the Israeli regime.

Attendees demanded the cancellation of the so-called Oslo Peace Accord that was signed in 1993. In September of that year the Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, signed the Oslo Accords with the Israeli regime on the lawn of the White House in Washington DC.

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas asserted the failure of the Oslo Accord and affirmed its adherence to armed resistance against the Israeli regime.

The agreement was meant to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but years after signing the Oslo Accord, Palestinians consider it as a terrible chapter in their history.

The conference comes almost four months after the Israeli military bombarded the besieged Gaza Strip for 11 consecutive days, killing at least 260 Palestinians, Including 66 children.

The Gaza-based resistance groups mainly Hamas and the Islamic Jihad also fired some 4,000 rockets towards the Israeli-occupied territories during the 11-day war.

In its final communiqué the conference announced that the Oslo Accord has been a major setback for Palestinians and is even worse than the Balfour Declaration of 1917 which helped create the Israeli regime on occupied Palestinian land.

Palestinian resistance factions say that the futile Oslo Accords will not free Palestine and Al-Quds. They maintain that armed resistance is the key to freedom.

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