Let's not Neglect the Islamic Revolution

Let's not Neglect the Islamic Revolution

Ismail Kaya is an active South African Muslim and a member of the management bureau of '' the institute of contemporary Islamic thought'' in this county. The last year in a trip that took a few days was a guest of our country and participated in a short interview with Hozour Magazine whose text follows:

Question:the Islamic revolution of Iran led by imam Khomeini – as explained by some of south African thinkers- has been attractive and has had a great impact in that country. What is your opinion about the relationship between the people's movement in South Africa and the Islamic revolution of Iran?     

Answer: in South Africa in 1979 when the Islamic revolution of Iran took place it made the people in their happy and they became determined to free the country emulating Iran. In addition other impact of the Islamic revolution of Iran was that it propelled the people of South Africa to protest like the one in Iran and this was something that defeated the country's then regime. Thus Imam Khomeini's determination to free Iran propelled the people of South Africa to do the same thing and in fact gave them an incentive to eight back.

Question: do you think that the Islamic revolution of Iran in other place where Muslims live in the world particularly in Palestine and Lebanon had had a positive and hopeful impact?

Answer: The penetration of the Islamic revolution of Iran led to Lebanon's freedom from the domination of Israel. Israelis say that they left Lebanon but in reality this was the defeat of Israel. It is as such that the awakening of Muslims across the world of Islam during the last 22 years can be seen. The Islamic revolution of Iran has moved all of the people of the world and God willing we will witness the free them of Qods, And God willing all of the Islamic lands – which directly or indirectly are dominated by the U.S. or the global infidel system.

Question: based on the people of the world opinion the U.S. is an imperialistic system but do you mean that the global infidel system is the same as the west's imperialistic capitalism? Denoting from your view that capitalism is dominating the world?

Answer: certainly the world is dominated by the capitalist system but this system will not last since the Islamic republic of Iran has shown the way it has shown that the domination of capitalism has no bases. Islam is the way and the ceremony of correct living and it has blossomed Iran during the last 22years. I pray to God so that other countries such as turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria and … free themselves from the hand of western elites or may I say it better Muslim west intoxicated elites. If this takes place Iran will be the leader and will make the direction clear for the unity of all the Islamic Ummah.

Question: In addition to political relations can Muslims have correct Islamic ties from a business aspect receiving their share from global trade?

Answer: I think that Iran is trying to trade with Muslims from across the globe. Even with countries where Muslims are in minority presently 96 percent of the world's trade in the hands of Americans and Jews or the French or the British Muslims have not been able to open the ways for trades among themselves but I think in future God willing this trade tie among them will be established and there will be a common Islamic market.

Question: How can a common Islamic market are created which can with stand American and western and Zionist domination and is not ruled by them?

Answer: Across the word of Islam those who do not hold power want to have trade relations with Muslims but they have faced limitations by the rulers or governments that follow modernization witch in reality there are missionaries of the U.S. and certainly they carry out trade through infidels lands and Muslims except the Islamic republic of Iran are unable to escape this bonders. The Islamic republic of Iran is the only country in the world witch anchorages Muslims to trade with each other. Perhaps Muslims presently cannot compete with the Chains, Taiwan's, Indians or Philippines. This is our only problem and our goods are expensive if we could bring down the price of our goods we can coped with the rest of the world and we are certain that Muslim merchant across the globe will establish vaster trade relations with Iran.

Question: Some of these countries you mentioned such as Malaysia and Indonesia are considered home to Muslims?

Answer: Look you can create a common market but there is one problem. Either governments like that of'' Mahathir Mohammad'' and similar ones will create a problem or facilitate for you this countries entirely anchorage increasing trade among Muslims. The main problem is here. Seemingly the issue is simple, for instance there are 100milion Muslims in China- how ever this are dominated and we see that they are irritated and annoyed. The irritation and annoyance of Muslims can also be seen in the Philippine. In Indonesia and Malaysia we see that Muslims are subject to accusation just because they are Muslims. The  governments which claim to be Muslim prohibit this nice individual from exerting influence in their society.

Question: As the last question tells us your opinion what is the major reason behind Muslims weakness concerning economic matters given their huge resources and grate populations compared with Zionists witch from the aspect of their recourses and numbers are very small?

Answer: Muslims have much money but the reason behind their back wardens is first their lace of expertise, secondly day has been oppressed. When you are a good Muslim in dealing with infidels you face difficulties. If a Muslim becomes like them and becomes their brother they help him grow and invite him their parties. Real Muslims do not go to such places. Muslims who engage in trade but do not pay attention to their religion are those who have neglected their bases.

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