How the Structure and Mechanism of Society is Formed and Functioning in the Islamic Republic System?

A) In the form of a government

It is not the legal form of the regime that counts, but rather its content. An Islamic republic can naturally come into consideration, because we believe that noble understanding of Islam will lead us toward advancement of a society which is very talented, has a lot of manpower and social justice. Before anything, we have set our hopes on the social contents of the future political regime.

Sahifeh, vol4, Page: 3

B) Islamic Republic

Not that we are talking of an" Islamic Republic" does not mean that we have just voted for it and that we have nothing to do with other issues. The significance of an Islamic republic lies in everybody- or the majority- voting for it; but it should be endowed with Islamic precepts- a republic whose laws should be Islamic. If it is to be a republic without Islamic laws, then it is not what the nation wanted and for which purpose it had voted. All this blood of the people was shed for the realization of) the rule of (Islam. It is the continuation of the endeavors of the prophets, the Messenger of God, the Commander of Faithful, and the Doyen of the Martyrs. The Doyen of the Martyrs gave his life so that Islam would become a reality. Yazid wanted to wipe out Islam. We are aiming for the realization of Islam; not just in name; not that it is enough for us to have succeeded in getting it) the" Islamic Republic" appellation (. We want Islamic precepts in all respects and in all the affairs of our country. We want Islamic rule, Qur'anic rule to govern us, and nothing apart from that. We are still on the way; we have not reached our destination yet

Sahifeh, Vol8, Page: 41

D) The place and status of the people

Our desired `Islamic republic' will be inspired by the trend of our great Prophet (s), and Imam Ali (a), and will rely on the people's votes, and the governing system will be determined by resorting to the people's votes.

Sahifeh, vol4, Page: 322

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