West Must Undertake Serious Efforts to Understand Imam Khomeini

West Must Undertake Serious Efforts to Understand Imam Khomeini

An international lawyer and activist says that the ruling elites of the US and some Western countries need to exert more efforts in order to comprehend the unique thought of Imam Khomeini and his dynamic revolution.

Franklin Lamb, an international lawyer, made the remarks after attending a global summit in Tehran early this month. His comments were originally published in Foreign Policy Journal and were picked up by several famous media outlets.

He also said that the Western societies and ruling elites must undertake serious efforts in order to understand the global perspectives of the founder of the Islamic Republic’s personality and his great morale and spirits.

Lamb acknowledges that he was deeply impressed by simple life style of this religious and spiritual leader of the Islamic world after visiting his house in Tehran.

The prominent author added that not only he led the international revolution and global awakening, but also he was of great manners in dealing with family members and friends.

It was a normal practice and routine for the great Imam to clean the house, wash dishes and extend hand in doing several of daily jobs. The great Imam was committed to doing his personal works by himself to such an extent that he never requested his spouse or any of his family members to fetch a glass of water, Lamb wrote quoting from memories of Imam’s relatives and friends. 

The Professor of International Law also said that Iranian youth and society are tolerant, literate and dynamic so that the US and Western elites and people must maintain close ties with the country.

He maintains that Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought can promote peace and friendship and raise awakening among the world nations and people.

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