Imam Khomeini's Dynamic Messages Belong to all Ages

Imam Khomeini's Dynamic Messages Belong to all Ages

A prominent Islamic scholar says that Imam Khomeini's comprehensive message was of a universal nature and his dynamic thought belongs to all mankind and ages.

Hojjat ul-Islam Nasir-e Niknejad, the director general of Tehran province's Islamic development department made remarks during a ceremony held on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution's victory.

The cultural figure noted that Imam Khomeini’s comprehensive messages were not restricted to specific group or era, but his dynamic thought would continue to appeal all nations throughout the coming centuries.

The religious personality also highlighted the significance of continuation of the path of the great leader of Muslims and the martyrs of the Islamic revolution. He also emphasized the necessity of preserving the achievements and all values of the Islamic revolution.

Niknejad concluded that all the Islamic institutions and organizations have duty to promote and shield the ideals of the great spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world.

Several analysts and researchers believe that the great Imam revived the Islamic thought and social and moral values throughout the world. A large number of surveys and international journals have recorded the great Imam as the most influential personality of the century.

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