Imam Khomeini’s views about copyright and publishing rights

Imam Khomeini’s views about copyright and publishing rights

Imam Khomeini through a historic decree once said that the Islamic government has the right to constitute special laws and regulations regarding publishing and copyrights.

In response to a question in 1982, the founder of the Islamic wrote that the Islamic Republic system and the government were authorized to devise regulations about the wages which should be paid to writers or authors.

At the same time,  the relevant authorities are permitted to set special laws for the protection of copy or publishing rights in accordance with the expediency and circumstances.

Imam however warned against such a situation which could restrict access to books and works or monopolize the publishing.

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It is worth-mentioning that the Majlis (parliament) later years approved specific rules for authors and publishers in accordance with Imam’s detailed decree in this regard.

Imam himself wrote dozens of works on various Islamic disciplines including philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence and Quranic and Hadith Sciences.

Some more works by Imam Khomeini

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  • Hajj

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