Imam Khomeini warned that human beings have a perilous and long journey ahead

Imam Khomeini warned that human beings have a perilous and long journey ahead

Imam Khomeini through his theological works has explained that believers must remain prepared and ready for a perilous and long journey ahead.

Imam through his famous book "an exposition on Forty Hadith" explains the matter as following: 

And so, my dear, remember that you have a perilous journey ahead, for which the provisions of sound knowledge and fruitful action are needed.

The time of departure is unknown. Possibly, there is little time and opportunity left. No one knows when the call for departure will come and one would be forced to depart.

This prolonging of hope by you and me arises from self love and is the most masterly of the guiles of the accursed Satan.

Through it he distracts our attention from the Hereafter and keeps us from attending to its affairs.

And with the perils of the journey and the obstacles in the way of preparing for it, if we fail to repent or to return to God and if we fail to procure provisions for the journey, the appointed call shall come unexpectedly and send us unprepared and unprovided on the way, without any store of righteous deeds and useful knowledge which together make up the provisions of the Hereafterly journey.

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Had the deeds that we have done and the knowledge that we have learnt been beneficial, they should have left some mark on us who have been in their pursuit for years and should have transformed our habits and morals.

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