The Islamic Republic Day is undoubtedly one the most  decisive days in the history of  Iran

The Islamic Republic Day is undoubtedly one the most decisive days in the history of Iran

The twelfth day of the first Persian month of Farvardin is the day, when more than four decades ago, an Islamic republic was officially declared in the country based on the results of a referendum in which Iranians overwhelmingly voted for the establishment of that political system.

The Islamic Revolution emerged victorious under the unprecedented leadership of Imam Khomeini and as a result of the Iranian people’s heroic efforts in 1979.

The Islamic Republic Day is undoubtedly one the most important and decisive days in the history of Islam as well as Iran. 

A vast majority of People voted ‘yes’ to an Islamic republic in the referendum and built the country’s legal system based on divine and Islamic teachings. The Islamic Republic, no doubt has been the manifestation of divine values and democratic norms in the contemporary era.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a speech last year emphasized that the key to the Islamic Republic's permanency is in the 2 words: "Islamic" & "Republic."

The leader stated that Imam Khomeini’s great act was that he created and actualized this idea of an Islamic Republic; the base for the realization of that theory was his deep knowledge of Islam and people. He made the remarks while addressing the nation live on the occasion of the 32nd demise anniversary of the Founder of the Islamic republic in Iran Imam Khomeini.

He noted that the Islamic Republic was the most important of many initiatives by the late Imam Khomeini.

Ayatollah Khamenei said there have been no predictions about the fall of any political establishment in the world the way the Islamic republic has been subject to.

From the onset of the establishment of the Islamic Republic, some enemies, ill-wishers and those from inside and outside of the country, who could not tolerate the enormous phenomenon, said that the Islamic Republic cannot stay alive until two or six months and or one year later and it will be vanished. 

The honorable Imam’s assertiveness and firmness as well great victories of the Iranian nation in eight-year-war and other different incidents calmed down such hue and cries; so, these hums came to an end late in Imam Khomeini’s life and there were no sign of them.

The glorious and honorable of mystery of durability of the Islamic Republic comes from two words: Republic and Islamic; people and Islam; republic means people and Islam means religious democracy.

The great job done by the honorable Imam was that he coined the theory of Islamic Republic and put it into different political theories; then, he utilized it in real world.

At that time, there were different Eastern and Western political theories, but Imam Khomeini initiated the theory of Islamic Republic. He succeeded in not only creating a theory but also implementing it. That measure was very great. 

Imam Khomeini believed in people and their might, determination and loyalty very much.

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