Imam Khomeini attached great importance to Nowrouz

Imam Khomeini attached great importance to Nowrouz

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic used to give great importance to the Persian New Year and deemed it as an opportunity for individuals and nations to revive their worldly and spiritual affairs with new spirit.

The great Imam regularly gave congratulatory messages on the occasion of the New Year and issued special advices on how to handle the country’s affairs and matters.

The great religious and spiritual leader sought a real change and transformations in the individuals’ lives during New Year due to its coincidence with spring and closely association with pleasant nature.

Imam also arranged circles and welcome meetings for the officials and people form various walks of  life in the beginning days of the each New Year.

He also put emphasizes on reciting the special supplications and seeking God Almighty’s assistance to overcome the material and spiritual troubles during the life time and the world hereafter.  

The great Imam used to offer the children and elder the Eidi and distributed charity for the needy during this period of great significance.

Even before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the great leader of the Muslim world also made best use of Nowrouz and took political initiatives against the corrupt regime of Shah on this occasion and warned the public about his dangerous tactics and conspiracies which were harming the Iranian nation and damaging the image of the country.

The great Imam maintained that spring was closely linked to revival of nature and mankind and societies could also take a new start and correct their behavior in lines with human and ethical values during this period.

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