Imam Khomeini character manifested divine ethics

Imam Khomeini character manifested divine ethics

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic decorated himself with divine ethics and insisted on following the teachings of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors.

The great leader struggled hard to implement the ideals of the holy prophet and Imam Ali (Peace be upon them), the finest examples of the perfect human beings, in the Islamic societies and other parts of the world.

The father of the Islamic revolution tried his best to adhere to the straight and unwavering path of the holy prophet and commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (PBUH).

The great religious and spiritual leader of Islamic world was closely associated and profoundly attached to the dynamic personality of Imam Ali (PBUH), at whose shrine he spent over 13 years of his years in exile. During those days it was his habit to proceed in a respectful manner to the holy shrine and golden-domed mausoleum in Najaf, to pray and supplicate.  

Imam Ali needs no introduction was brought up by the holy Prophet himself.

The Father of the Islamic Revolution used to refer to the exceptional merits of Imam Ali (PBUH), who used to risk his life and limb in many a crucial battle for the defense of Islam and the Prophet during the many armed encounters the pagan Arabs and the ever-rebellious Israelites imposed on Muslims.

At the same time, the tender heart of the brave Imam Ali would weep at the sight of orphans, the needy and the oppressed, and he would spend whatever he had to alleviate their situation.

He never yielded to his enemies and when he reluctantly took up the reins of government when the caliphate came begging at his door, he established the model government of social justice. Involvement in government affairs, however, never for a moment distracted his attention from his duties towards his family and kinsmen, nor from the worship of God Almighty in which he was deeply engrossed. The prayer and supplications bequeathed to humanity by Imam Ali (PBUH) are testimony in this regard.

These and other qualities made a lasting impression on the mind of the young Seyyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini from his childhood and lasted till the end of his fruitful life, during which he considered the shining path of Imam Ali for all humanity as a guiding light. The honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, sagacity, and the acumen to differentiate right from wrong, were indeed ethereal values for the faithful to emulate.

By following the path of the holy prophet and his infallible successor, the great Imam rendered his great services to the mankind in religious and political fields. He liberated the societies form moral decline and guided them towards the path of real material and spiritual progress and growth. 

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