Institute organizes exhibition on Imam Khomeini’s works, portraits in holy city of Qom

Institute organizes exhibition on Imam Khomeini’s works, portraits in holy city of Qom

The exhibition will be held to mark 100th anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s historic arrival in the holy city of Qom. It is also being organized on the eve of 33rd passing and heavenly departure anniversary of Imam.

 The inauguration ceremony has been planned with the presence of the institute officials, intellectuals and professors from university and seminary on May 28th .

It will remain open for visitors near Shuhada crossroad at al-Ghadir center from May 29 until June 1, 2022. The exhibition can be visited in the morning from 9-13 and from 17-21 pm in the evening hours.

The special stalls set at the exhibition will display Imam’s works, portrait and other accomplishments.   

Several of Imam’s published books, and works in digital forms are being presented at the stalls and being widely welcomed by visitors with various specialties.

Dozens of Imam’s works have been translated into Arabic, English, Urdu and several other languages over the past few years. 

Hundreds of publishers form across Iran and several others countries are taking part in the ongoing exhibition which will run until 14th of May.

The late founder of the Islamic Republic left a much enriched divine-oriented academic legacy and works which cover fields of philosophy, mysticism, Quran and Hadith sciences, fundamental and advance principles of jurisprudence, Quranic interpretation and various disciplines of knowledge.

Imam’s works have been widely read and researched by Muslim scholars as well as followers of other divine religions.

Imam’s works continue to appeal a wide range of audience as they are considered great source of divinity, spirituality and morality.

The Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini turned Iran into a progressive country and defended the rights of entire Muslim world and all oppressed nations.

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