Imam Khomeini Established First Religious Democratic System

Imam Khomeini Established First Religious Democratic System

The founder of the Islamic Republic established the first unprecedented religious democracy in the contemporary world through power of ballots and will of the people in lines with human and ethical values

More than three decades ago, the Iranian nation took part in a unique referendum and chose Islamic Republic as its ideal government system.

The 12th of Farvardin 1358, which coincides with the 1st of April 1979, is one of day, when millions of Iranians voted “Yes” for an Islamic democratic system.

The great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim prior to the holding of Farvardin 12 referendum, said in a historic message:

"This referendum will determine the fate of our nation. This referendum either brings you to freedom and independence or to repression as in the past. All should take part in this referendum. You can choose any system you wish. You have the right to write whatever you want, democratic republic, monarchic regime or whatever you wish."

Cherished be the day when the green verses budded on the arrival of the spring of the Islamic Revolution and a system, based on religious democracy, was born in the world and the justice and freedom began to rule the society.

The great Imam maintained that a democratic system based on religious and ethical values can bring prosperity to the human societies and spiritual satisfaction.



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