The human soul inhabits another realm, Imam Khomeini explained

The human soul inhabits another realm, Imam Khomeini explained

Imam Khomeini through his theological works explained that the human soul inhabits another realm and another territory also, which is the world of the hidden and the sphere of the sublime world.

Imam explains the matter in his famous book "Forty Hadith" as following. 

In that world, the role of the sensual forces assumes graver dimensions.

This is the place, where the struggle and conflict between the divine forces and the fiendish ones is more severe and also more significant.

Everything that exists in the external or visible world drifts to this hidden world, and is manifested there. Whichever of the forces whether godly or devilish, is victorious here is essentially triumphant there also.

So, the jihad al-nafs or the internal struggle is of great significance for all great religious thinkers, mystics, and moralists.

It can be rather considered as the origin and the source of all felicities or woes, and of promotion and sublimation or debasement and degradation of self, Imam further explained, Imam further explained.

One should be extremely self-conscious while undertaking this jihad. 

Because, it is possible that, God forbid, due to the defeat of heavenly forces, the self is left vacant for the unholy occupation of the vicious and unworthy satanic legions, and hence causing an eternal loss to the human being that cannot be retrieved.

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