Different dimensions of Imam Khomeini's influential personality at foreign policy

Different dimensions of Imam Khomeini's influential personality at foreign policy

Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, the Great Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has been an irreplaceable figure in the contemporary history of Iran and has had a decisive and fundamental impact on Iran's contemporary political, social and religious arenas.

However, the influence of this great religious, political and historical figure was not limited to Iran, and he was able to take decisive actions in the international arena. In fact, 33 years after the demise of this great man in the history of Iran and the Islamic world, Imam Khomeini's thoughts and ideas are still relevant in the international arena, and his actions continue to influence regional and global trends.

One of the most important and influential actions of Imam Khomeini in the foreign arenas after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was announcing International Quds Day as the day of defending the Palestinian cause and the struggle against Israel on August 7, 1979. He has always criticized the relations between the Shah's regime and the Zionist regime since the time of the oppressive imperial regime.

Imam Khomeini, at the height of the power of the Shah monarchy, exposed the secret relations between the Shah and the Israeli regime and pursued the Israeli threat to the Islamic world very seriously and consistently. Imam Khomeini was the first religious authority and great religious leader to issue a license to support Palestinian fighters from the religious funds and alms. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, at the first opportunity to designate a day to show global sensitivity to the fate of Quds and save it from the clutches of criminal Zionists, designated it as "International Quds Day" and issued a message on this occasion.

 this message addressed to the Muslims of the world, Imam Khomeini said: "I have warned the Muslims about the danger of usurper Israel for many years ... I call on all Muslims in the world and Islamic governments to cut off the hands of these usurpers and their supporters and I invite all Muslims of the world to choose the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, which can determine the fate of the Palestinian people, as " Quds Day", and during a ceremony of international solidarity of Muslims (with the oppressed people of Palestine) in support of rights, they can declare the legal right of the Muslim people."

Thus, the message of the late Imam made millions of displaced and fighters more determined to face the conspiracies of the occupying regime of Israel and the US. Imam Khomeini's message marked a turning point in the struggles of the Palestinian people and gave originality to the long history of this struggle. About the importance of Quds Day, Imam Khomeini said: "Quds Day is not only the day of Palestine, but it is also the day of Islam; It is the day of Islamic rule."

He also stated: "Quds Day is a day when the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be hoisted in all countries. It is a day to make it clear to the superpowers that they can no longer advance in Islamic countries. I consider Quds Day to be the day of Islam and the day of the Holy Prophet, and it is a day when we must equip all our forces and let the Muslims get out of the isolation they were drawn to, and stand against the foreigners with all their might and strength."

Quds Day, 43 years after its proclamation, is still marked around the world with demonstrations, marches and rallies, and this is one of the reasons for the survival of the Palestinian cause and a hope to the oppressed Palestinian people the Muslims will accompany them in the face of repressive actions and the continued occupation of the land of Palestine and Al-Quds city by the Zionists.

(Source: Iran Press)

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