Millions poured out to attend Imam Khomeini's funeral in 1989

Millions poured out to attend Imam Khomeini's funeral in 1989

Guinness Book recorded Imam Khomeini’s funeral as the largest in history. Over 10 million people from across the country and devotees from several other parts of the world attended Imam Khomeini’s funeral to form one of the largest ever funerals in the world.

A large number of foreign dignitaries, intellectuals and academic personalities were in attendance at the funeral, which is considered the largest. 

 Imam Khomeini passed away on June 3, 1989.

 Many Iranians mourned Imam Khomeini's death and poured out into the cities and streets.

Imam Khomeini’s untiring decades-long work in asserting the nation’s rights culminated in the Revolution, which confronted imperial powers and sought to change the political foundations in the interest of the world oppressed nations.

Nations around the world, including people in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and even Russia, welcomed Imam Khomeini’s message, which was looking for freedom and standing against tyranny.

Imam Khomeini managed to stand up to imperial powers and reaffirmed the sovereignty not just of Iran but of nations everywhere. He is well-known for changing political landscape of the world. 

The Islamic Revolution under Imam’s wise leadership changed the balance of power in the interest of oppressed nations and confronted world arrogant and colonial powers and their policies.

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