World Leaders Highlight Various Aspects of Imam’s Personality (1)

World Leaders Highlight Various Aspects of Imam’s Personality (1)

Several well-renown international pundits say Imam Khomeini the religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world has emerged as an unprecedented comprehensive personality of the contemporary era and for the coming centuries. They have underscored various aspects including Islamic, philosophical and intellectual aspects of the Imam’s personality...

We have selected some of precious sayings of the international leaders and intellectuals about the Imam’s great personality:

Ayatollah Khamene’i, the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution

My words are unable to describe that praiseworthy reality and precious diamond and the pen remains short to draw the features of such a heavenly and blissful personality. It would be better if I had withdrawn my pen. 

Imam Khomeini was a great leader, a kind father, distinguee spiritual leader and a destination   for the Iranian nation and he constantly guided our nation during the difficult struggle, first ten years of the formation of the Islamic Republic and Iran was propped up by his guidance and leadership through all stages. 

Imam Khomeini relieved our nation from clutches of humiliation which had been imposed on it by the Eastern and Western powers. He challenged the dominance of those powers and rescued our nation from their supremacy. The Imam made our nation learn the independence, self-reliance and reliance on God, the Almighty. 

Imam Khomeini formed a system on ethical values, spirituality and religion at a juncture when several powers indented to isolate and undermine significance of these values. In such circumstances, Imam proved that the Islam was a living religion and could form foundational basis of a social system. 

Late  Alllama Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Fadlullah  

Learning lessons from the Islamic movement, struggle, wisdom and great soul of Imam Khomeini is vital for all of us. Since thousands of meaningful lessons are hidden throughout Imam’s invaluable and generous course of life. Each of these points can contribute to formation of a united Ummah.  

Imam Khomeini made all of us learn this reality that the accurate perception of Islam and acting upon it can solve several problems of the Muslims. These wide-spread perspectives of Imam Khomeini’s movement can easily awaken the inactive consciousness. This awakening is the most useful weapon which can dry up the roots of the colonial powers.  

Allameh Sajid Ali Naqavi, the Pakistani Shia Leader 

Imam Khomeini was the leader of the Islamic movement in the honorable lives of all the Muslims and oppressed nations around the world. Our dearest Imam destroyed the secular materialistic world and spread God's light in the entire universe in a way that henceforth the oppressors and the autocratic powers will see the oppressed nations as opposed to them.

Nowadays, the colonial western totality recognizes Iran's Islamic Revolution as an existing fact. Imam Khomeini's decree has also revived the Islamic thinking school and an Islamic life style in the current century, which is an era of opposing autocracy.

Mohammad al-A’asi, Friday leader of Washington

Our dear Imam stood as a great tower and great source of reliance. The personality identical to him may appear once in several years. 

Over the course of some past years the colonial powers spread meaningless lies and wrong beliefs among the Muslims. One of the most important was the issue of separation between the religion and politics. This wrong belief was later challenged with unprecedented efforts and matchless leadership of Imam.  

Imam changed the political balance of power in the world. Imam removed the masks of the eastern and western powers and revealed their wicked face and features.  

Sheikh Bashir Anraz, representative of Great Mufti of Syria  

Imam Khomeini was not only the leader of a nation but also a source of heart beating for the Muslims all over the world.  

Maulana Shamim A’alam, prayer leader of the grand mosque of  Shia Muslims in Mumbai 

Imam Khomeini was sole inheritor of the prophets and revival of pure Muhammadan Islam.

Representative of Argentinean Muslims

We have lost a leader who was able to manage the whole of the human society.  We can easily come to this conclusion that such a Sun will never against rise  from the East. The representative of the Muslim noted that despite loss of such an eternal personality we pledge that we will continue to follow his path. 

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