Be apprehensive of your desires, Imam Khomeini explained

Be apprehensive of your desires, Imam Khomeini explained

Imam Khomeini warned believers and faithful people by saying, "Be apprehensive of your desires in the same way as you are apprehensive of your enemies."

Imam sheds the light on the matter through his famous book "an exposition on Forty Hadith" as following:

 For there is no greater enemy for human beings than their own desires and what their tongues reap.

My dear, remember that desires are endless and ever insatiable. If man takes one step in following them, he will be bound to take a few more.

 If he submits to one of the desires, he will soon be forced to yield to a number of them. If you open one door to the desires of the self, you will soon be forced to open several other doors to them.

Thus a single act of submission will expose you to a number of vices following it and through them you will fall victim to a thousand abominations, until, God forbid, all the roads to God are closed to you, as stated by God Almighty in the Holy Book.

That is why the Commander of the Believers (A), the Wali al-’Amr and the spiritual master and instructor of mankind, who was assigned the task of guiding the human family, has expressed so much concern and apprehension on account of it, Imam Khomeini further explained. 

Rather, the Holy Prophet (S) and all the Imams (A) are anxious lest the tree of nubuwwah (prophethood) and wilayah - of which the believers are the leaves- should shed its foliage and become as if autumn stricken. Look what the Prophet (S) has said:

Marry and procreate, for indeed I shall be proud of you over other nations, even though it should be on account of an aborted fetus.

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