World Leaders Highlight Various Aspects of Imam’s Personality (3)

World Leaders Highlight Various Aspects of Imam’s Personality (3)

Several well-renown international pundits say Imam Khomeini the religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world has emerged as an unprecedented comprehensive personality of the contemporary era and for the coming centuries. They have underscored various aspects including Islamic, philosophical and intellectual aspects of the Imam’s personality...

Spiegel, a German Magazine

Ayatollah Khomeini brought dynamic changes during his period. He turned the Muslims into a political force from Morocco to Indonesia who put a great deal of pressure on materialistic and non-spiritual regimes. He also shook the very basic pillars of rulers across the oil-rich Persian Gulf.


It has less been seen that the course of history has been assigned to only one person. This was the mission and great responsibility assigned to Imam Khomeini. He was a prominent political expert and theorian. He became successful due to positive circumstances. It was thought that forming an Islamic government could take three centuries but he formed and implemented in a very short span of time.

Times of London

Imam had such a personality who attracted the masses just like a magic. He used  the common spoken language of the people. He blessed his oppressed supporters with self-confidence, satisfaction and respect. It was a sense which made them able to remove any obstacles which comes on their way. He guided the oppressed ones that there is no need to be scared and they even could stand against powers such as the United States.

Peace be upon the people of Iran who were led by a polite and capable leader such as Imam Khomeini. It seems that physically Imam has left the Iranian people but his soul and commands will remain among them forever. His funeral ceremony highlighted the people’s respect and favor for his personality and ideals.

Chicago Tribune 

Imam Khomeini made the United States realized about its inabilities and taught the Americans several lessons in this regard. He completely abandoned and disrupted the US dreams of dominance. The US has had never faced such a scenario that a country takes a stance to such an extent and challenge its economic, political and military dominance.

Weekly Guardian, Published in London

The revolution of Imam Khomeini was a political, economic and social earthquake which transformed Iran’s face within a period of ten years.

Personality and influence of Imam Khomeini was so imminent in the Islamic Revolution that he could not be deserved a title other than the pillar and founder of this revolution. He led a revolution which shattered the centuries old monarchy and replaced the pro-western government with the Islamic system.

Daily Abzror in Sierra Leone

Imam Khomeini personality remains like a very vast occasion that someone alone will not be able to have access to all aspects of his great thought.

Al-Kafah al-Arabi, published from Lebanon

The secret of dignity of great people has been recorded in the pages of history. This secret is revealed along them and a necessary part of them. But it will never vanish by their departure and the shining of these personalities will continue to attract the eyes, hearts and intellects towards them. One of the most significant and worth-mentioning personality in this regard was Ayatollah Khomeini. When he passed away form this world the secret of his dignity also became eternal.

Daily Telegraph

The foes of Iran are scared that the soul of Imam Khomeini can still lead Iran. The scenes of enthusiasm, mourning and sadness were seen during funeral ceremony was giving warning that message of Ayatollah still can mobilize the people of Iran against enemies.


After the doctors decided that Imam should be admitted to a hospital, he said good-bye to his household and family members and said: “I leave you forever and will never return back.”

The family members said: “You will come back after recovering your health”

Imam repeated and reiterated that there will be no return this time. He then addressed his daughter in law, Ahmad’s wife, as following:

“You call to your father who is a great believer and great spiritual scholar and ask him to pray for me and request God the Almighty to accept me and make my journey towards hereafter safe and sound. He took Ahmad in his arms while on the way to the hospital and kissed him. The state of the both seemed that as if they did not want to be separated from each other. While walking from upwards to downwards Imam said that this time I will never return again.


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