Imam Khomeini's recommendations for the seminaries of religious learning

Imam Khomeini's recommendations for the seminaries of religious learning

Imam Khomeini stressed that simultaneous with the study of scholarly matters, the seminaries of religious learning are in need of teaching and learning in morals and spirituality.

Imam sheds the light through his theological works as following: 

It is necessary to have moral guides, trainers for the spiritual abilities, and sessions for advice and counseling.

Programs in ethics and moral reform, classes in manners and refinement, instruction in divine learning, which are the principle aim of the mission of the prophets, peace be upon them, must be officially instituted in the seminaries.

Unfortunately, scant attention is paid in the centers of learning to these essential issues. Spiritual studies are declining, so that in the future the seminaries will not be able to train scholars of ethics, refined and polished counselors, or godly men.

Occupation with discussion and inquiry into elementary problems does not allow the opportunity for the basic and fundamental topics which are instances of the favors of the Noble Qur’an and of the great Prophet (s) and the other prophets and saints (awliya), peace be with them, Imam further explained. 

The great jurist-consults and high-ranking professors, who are noteworthy in the scholarly community, had better try, in the course of their lessons and discussions, to train and refine people and to be more concerned with spiritual and ethical topics.

For the seminary students it is also necessary that in their efforts to acquire erudition and refinement of the soul that they give sufficient weight to their important duties and momentous responsibilities.

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