Freedom of expression and media from Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint

Freedom of expression and media from Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, maintained that if the newspapers or media outlets were not harmful or their contents were not misleading, were free for activities.

 Freedom, independence and Republic have formed the very basic pillars of Islamic Revolution under leadership of Imam Khomeini. Imam’s guidelines regarding freedom, independence and the republic system became even more evident at later stages.

Imam Khomeini has expressed novel opinions and took initiative to ensure and guarantee various types of freedoms such as freedom of expression, freedom of the press.  

Following exploring through Imam’s speeches and works, it can be concluded that the largest frequency belongs to the questions on freedom of expression and freedom of minorities.

The founder of the Islamic Republic wanted the press and media to play a role of a mobile schools and a source of useful information. 

Imam once told a gathering of reporters and journalists that press, radio, TV and printed media must reflect information and current affairs and raise awareness, Imam further explained. 

The world religious and spiritual leader of Muslim world said that the media should also be able to prevent the deviant currents and issues in the society.

Media outlets made significant progress after the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini since 1979. 

 The founder of the Islamic Republic also wanted journalists, professors and seminary lecturers to decorate themselves with ethics, virtues and piety alongside the knowledge as well. 

The world Muslim leader wanted the academics and media men to equip themselves with variety of disciplines of knowledge including several inter disciplinary fields.

 Iranian media continue to highlight the sufferings being faced by the Muslim and oppressed nations.

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