The Day the Shah fled

The Day the Shah fled

A memoir by Haj Ahmed Agha khomeini – Imam's son

We were in Paris the day the Shah fled from Iran.  The French police closed the main road of Neuphille lu Chateau.  News reporters from various countries from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America had gathered.  There were over 150 reporters with cameras present ready to film. 

The Shah had gone and the reporters wanted to know what Imam was going to do.  Imam had been sitting on a chair and talked for a few minutes.  I was standing beside him.  Suddenly, he turned around and asked me: "Ahmed, is it Zohr time yet?" I replied that it was.  Without hesitation, Imam said: "Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you." 

It can be seen how quickly Imam cut short his conversation.  So particular was Imam about saying his prayers on time that right when the world's press was broadcasting Imam's remarks which millions of people were watching, he cut short his talk and went off to pray.
(A memoir by Haj Ahmed Agha khomeini – Imam's son)

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