Imam Khomeini’s kindness toward humanity inspired revolution

Imam Khomeini’s kindness toward humanity inspired revolution

A prominent scholar and academic says that Imam Khomeini’s growing sympathy and kindness towards humanity inspired him to stand up against the social evils and global arrogance.

Dr. Foad Izadi, a high profile member of academic staff in the faculty of World Studies, Tehran University, said in an interview with our correspondent that great Imam led the historic revolution when the secularists and even some religious scholars had remained indifferent to the society’s sufferings and plights. 

Izadi added that the great religious and spiritual leader led the revolution in very difficult circumstances when the world was aligned to eastern and western blocs and the so-called superpowers had divided the nations and kept them apart.

The academic went on to say that the then Shah regime was supported and backed by the United States and Washington had been extending its unconditional support and throwing its weight behind the brutal and ignorant rulers.

The Shah regime had become the defender of interests of global powers and paid no heed to its own people’s real needs. Moreover, the US-backed rulers also ignored all types of religious, moral and social values of the Iranian society, the academic added.

Imam along with its devotees and followers rose to correct the path of society and eradicate evil form the society and staged a great show of solidarity with oppressed nations of the world across the globe.

The professor also emphasized that the Islamic revolution confronted all regional and international conspiracies and encouraged the unity between all Islamic sects and even unity among all divine religions.

The academic concluded that Imam assured all of his devotees that the Islamic Republic was open to coordinate with all religions. However, it will continue to confront the global arrogance and their vicious objectives and interests in the region and across the globe.

Izadi also suggested that International department of the institute and relevant authorities should undertake serious efforts to promote Imam Khomeini’s writings and thought across various universities of the world. 

Our website will soon publish full text of the interview with the professor.

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