Way to save contemporary man is to know Ahlul Bayt and move on their path of light

Way to save contemporary man is to know Ahlul Bayt and move on their path of light

Referring to the Americans' admission of the failure of oppressive policies and maximum pressure on the Iranian nation, the President said, "The enthusiasts of AhlulBayt (AS) will overcome all difficulties by holding on to the Rope of Allah, and this is a great message for the whole world".

Source: Ahlulbayt News Agency

On Thursday morning during the opening ceremony of the 7th General Assembly of AhlulBayt (AS) World Assembly, which was held with the slogan of 'AhlulBayt (AS), The Centre of Rationality, Justice and Dignity' in the summit hall, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stated, "AhlulBayt (AS) are the secret of all goodness, the axis of rationality, justice, dignity, humanity, science and knowledge and the manifestation of all beauty in the world".

The President described the true recognition and introduction of the AhlulBayt (AS) as the main mission of the World Assembly of the AhlulBayt (AS) and all clerics, and emphasised, "In the life of Imams (AS), the three principles of recognising the position of guardianship and imamate and guiding people, fighting with oppression and education of susceptible people has been the focus".

Referring to today's threats to human societies, especially cultural threats, Dr Raisi clarified, "The way to save human beings and the way to save the Islamic community is to know and understand the AhlulBayt (AS) and to understand the enlightened words of these nobles and to step in the path that they have drawn".

The President stated that if religious missionaries correctly introduce the enlightened and saving path of the AhlulBayt (AS), all freedom-loving souls will accept it, and clarified, "The great mission of propagating the religion and introducing the AhlulBayt (AS) is always faced with difficulties and obstacles, because basically enemies don't let the truth be heard easily. But relying on God's power is the key to success and excellence in this path".

Ayatollah Raisi described seeking justice as one of the important teachings of AhlulBayt (AS), and emphasised, "Those who want to invite people to justice in human society with the help of AhlulBayt (AS), must themselves be justice-seeking".

The President called rationality an important teaching of the AhlulBayt (AS) and clarified, "The rational message of Hossein bin Ali (As) for the reform of the society was not limited to the year 61 Hijri, but extends to the earth and time".

Dr Raisi pointed out the efforts of the denomination-seeking regime to create intellectual deviation in human societies and the distance of modern man from the enlightened path of AhlulBayt (AS), and said, "Modern ignorance is in essence the same as old ignorance but with new appearances. The difference is that today the domination system has used all the possibilities from science and technology to the power of the media to propagate its ignorant message and tries to impose wrong moral indicators in the societies".

Ayatollah Raisi referred to the movements formed along the school of Ashura as a way to protect humanity against deviant schools and movements, and said, "Despite the efforts of the domineering powers, oppression, ignorance and injustice that rule in every corner of the world, the name of Hossein bin Ali (AS) and the extension of the Ashura school will transform the world, and the manifestation of rationality and justice in the world will increase day by day".

In another part of his speech, the President pointed out the oppressive actions of the regime against the Iranian nation and said, "The enemies have oppressed the Iranian nation in the past 43 years, but despite many problems and the loss of many loved ones, the Islamic Republic has survived the damage, and today the world is aware of the truth, justice and high status of Islamic Iran".

Dr Raisi said, "Today it has been proven to everyone that the Islamic Republic of Iran is an invincible army and a power that does not succumb to domination. American officials have officially admitted that their policy of maximum pressure against the will of the Iranian people has failed shamefully and has led nowhere".

The President continued, "What has crystallised today in Hezbollah, the Yemeni and Palestinian youth and all the forces of the resistance front is the strategic extension of the Islamic Republic and the manifestations of divine love".

The President clarified, "Imams are the symbol of the unity of the Islamic Ummah, and there is no extremes in this school, and its focus is on rationality, humanity and right-seeking".
Ayatollah Raisi also described the fight against oppression, hostility, and the defence of human rights to be among the teachings of the AhlulBayt (AS), and noted, "Today, many people are talking about human rights, unfortunately, with a double attitude, they have remained silent against the violation of the rights of many people".

Dr Raisi mentioned hope as the teachings of the AhlulBayt (AS) and said, "Today, anyone who is in despair anywhere in the world can be hopeful by adhering to the teachings of the AhlulBayt (AS)".

The President described the deep concept of waiting as the basis for creating hope, and emphasised, "AhlulBayt (AS) pay special attention to hope in the educational teachings for human society and they want people to live with hope and to know that even after death, one day they will rise from the soil and moves in the path of the saviour of the world of humanity".

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