Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini used to attend Arba'een walk regularly

Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini used to attend Arba'een walk regularly

It has been recalled through a series of memoirs about Mostafa Khomeini’s participation at Arba’een walk and rally during his stay with Imam while in exile show their devotion towards the people of the Prophet's Household.

Imam Khomeini’s disciples who used to accompany Imam during his exile in the holy city of Najaf say that his eldest son who himself was a great Muslim scholar and interpreter of holy Quran, used to walk and paved the way between the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala on foot with great devotion along groups of mourners on the eve of Arba’een.

During the spiritual journey on the way, Mostafa Khomeini used to lead the prayers and shed tears at the events of Karbala. He used to behave like an ordinary man despite the fact that he had been son of Imam Khomeini, a great religious authority at that time.

On the way to Karbala, Mostafa Khomeini made himself bound to recite and ask others to join Ziarat Jamiah Kabeera and other supplications narrated by infallible successors of the holy prophet of Islam.

 In addition, Mostafa Khomeini himself was a great scholar who had well command over several Islamic fields.  He was blessed with great divine virtues and he spared no efforts in serving people during those years of spiritual journeys.

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