Imam always abided by rule of law

Imam always abided by rule of law

Extracted from a collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini

 Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, dozens of media outlets, newspapers and magazines with a variety of political associations were allowed for free activities and publications.

After some span of time, the Islamic Republic government issued a notice that the all press and media needs to apply for a permit to continue their activities in a legal manner.

Imam’s then representatives, late Hojjat al-Islam Hadi  Khorsroshahi, in culture and guidance ministry once recalled they were receiving document by organizations for issuing of permits. He went to Imam and asked his duty in this regard.

Imam said that the hostile powers such as groups with communistic ideas should not be allowed to spread their poisonous thought. 

Khosroshahi said that I asked Imam you during some interviews had promised that all types of media would be free following the victory of Islamic Revolution.

Imam replied that “they are free for press activities but I am concerned they would commit treachery.”

Finally Imam prayed for me and advised me to carry out my duties in accordance with law, Khosroshahi said.

(Extracted from a collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini)

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