Martyr Mostafa Khomeini furthered the objectives of Islamic Revolution

Martyr Mostafa Khomeini furthered the objectives of Islamic Revolution

The mysterious death of Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini, on October 23, 1977, prepared the grounds for a wave of movement by the people.

The way Imam Khomeini confronted this painful loss, as he considered to be a covert divine blessing, revealed part of the great personality of Imam. He withstood this tragedy by displaying his patience.

Sayyid Mustafa Khomeini, the eldest son of Imam Khomeini was born on the 12th of December 1930. From his early childhood, he was brought up under the influence of his family life environment, which was a religious and scientific one.

He made sure that Imam Khomeini was in touch with far-reaching and complicated parts of the Islamic movement in Iran and different parts of the world during the ongoing struggle against aggressive powers.

Being influenced by the religious and spiritual environment and the viewpoints of Imam Khomeini, Sayyid Mustafa embarked on political activities from very early stages of his youth- hood.

He took part actively in the Islamic movement under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini at every stage. He highlighted various perspectives of the ongoing Islamic movement in Iran and continued his mission during the later years of exile.

He stood firm during the ups and downs of the political activities, particularly in Iraq.

Mustafa has had deep knowledge of several Islamic disciplines, including jurisprudence, Quranic exegesis, Arabic literature and several other fields.

The martyred son of Imam Khomeini has been a competent Islamic scholar who left several academic works as his academic legacy.

Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini wrote exegesis and interpretation on the holy Quran and several other works which are popular among seminary scholars and his devotees alike.

His works covers several Islamic fields including the Quranic interpretation, hadith, jurisprudence and several other fields.

He has had special Islamic solution to contemporary-era occurring.    

Mostafa was sharp minded, innovative, a master of philosophy, intuitive, and interpreted the Holy Qur'an from new standpoints.

His remaining works are evidence of his great academic strength and scholarly views.

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