Imam Khomeini's different unique aspects must be introduced to world

Imam Khomeini's different unique aspects must be introduced to world

Imam Khomeini was a rare personality and in many aspects unique. Such personality with such different unique aspects must be introduced to scientific centers of today and future.

 Imam’s method and jurisprudential principles have to be studied and investigated.

As for Imam’s scientific aspects, many books have to be authored, and his views in jurisprudence, philosophy, exegesis, ethics, mysticism, and his views on social and political issues have to be deeply studied. 

 One way an encyclopedia has been produced by the institute for compilation and works of Imam Khomeini’s works. This encyclopedia will be used as a source by future generations to get to know Imam better.

This work is not only an act of paying homage to Imam Khomeini, rather it is an act of serving Islam and the Islamic Revolution. It is also one of the treasures of the Seminary.

Today, had we wanted to introduce the scholars of the past, it would be asked what works they produced.

The works of the scholars of the past are treasures of the Seminary.

What we expect and pray to God to make it happen is that this work pave the ground for introducing Imam Khomeini to the contemporary and future generations of the seminaries and universities.

 We have to introduce Imam Khomeini. We have not yet done this properly. It will be a huge service to Islam and will deserve great reward.

We should remember that it was Imam Khomeini who paved the ground for the Seminary to prosper. Were it not for Imam Khomeini, there wouldn’t have been these seminaries nor their scientific and research centers. 

Imam has left several works on jurisprudence, Hadith, Quranic interpretation, philosophy and mysticism. The great leader's genuine teachings and works would continue to guide the generations to come in coming decades.

The institute for compilation and publications of Imam Khomeini's works played vital role in promoting dynamic works, speeches and messages of the founder of the Islamic Republic over the past few years.

The institute started working to introduce Imam Khomeini's ideas since 1996, doing researches about the different dimensions of Imam's life and notions inside and outside of the country and training the researchers on this field.

Concerning the significance of the standing of international domain in international and transnational relations and the inclusive gamut of the lofty thoughts of Imam Khomeini, the International Affairs Department of the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works in line with the goals and overall policies of the institute assumes the responsibility to disseminate and promulgate the values and aspirations of Imam Khomeini beyond the borders of the country and its international dimensions.

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