Imam Khomeini Established Solid Cultural Foundations

Imam Khomeini Established Solid Cultural Foundations

A prominent Bahraini intellectual says that the great leader of the Muslim world established very strong cultural foundations that raised genuine awareness among the Muslim and oppressed nations around the globe.

 Rashid al-Rashid said that the recent Islamic awakening and revolutions in the countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Bahrain were inspired by the activities of cultural foundations that are mentioned to be laid by the great Imam over the recent decades.

He made these remarks during a summit held at Motahhari seminary school in Tehran. The session was attended by hundreds of intellectuals and academics from Iran and around the world.

Al-Rashid also noted that the recent wave of the Islamic awakening in the strategically important regions of Middle East and North Africa were inspired by Imam Khomeini’s genuine Islamic ideas and his dynamic school of thought.

The intellectual also went on to say that it was wrong perception among some publics to remain silent against the suppressive and dictatorial regimes.

Al-Rashid concluded that Imam had raised solid and concrete awareness among the nations through enhancing culture, knowledge and true understanding of religious teachings.

The experts and intellectuals believe that Imam’s unprecedented leadership had developed such cultural and religious sense among the Muslim societies and oppressed people which would always inspire true movements and revolutions in various regions of the world in coming centuries.

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