Imam's beloved wife stood by Imam through all thick and thin times

Imam's beloved wife stood by Imam through all thick and thin times

The first day of Farvardin month of new Persian year on the solar calendar coincides with passing away anniversary of Lady Khadijah Thaqafi who was Imam's beloved wife and belonged to a religious family.

She had learned of divine knowledge and manners from her father AyatollahThaqafi, who himself was a great scholar of his time.

In the beginning, Khadija who had been raised and brought up relatively in a well-off family and did not want to marry Imam, but later she agreed due to Imam’s spiritual characteristics. 

Imam’s beloved wife was knowledgeable and knew French language and had shown great interest in Persian literature. 

She had memorized poetic verses from numerous famous Persian poets and felt always spiritual comfort especially by Hafiz poetry. Her devotion towards literature was to such an extent that she kept reading Persian literature books even at hospital during sickness until heavenly departure.  

Imam's wife belonged to a rich family, but after marriage she adopted a simple life-style and adjusted in accordance with seminary's simple life. 

Imam had great respect for her wife and she also stood by Imam through all thin and thick times and especially during struggle for the Islamic Revolution. 

She had stood behind Imam like a solid rock through all stages of the Islamic Revolution. The noble lady has had been great support for Imam Khomeini during tough years of exile and at the moment of their son martyrdom.  

The great spouse of Imam remained with Imam during years of exile and never gave him up for a single moment.

Late Lady Khadija Saqafi has described through her memories that the founder of the Islamic Republic exercised a great amount of patience and tolerance during all tough years of struggle and following the victory of the Islamic Revolution. 

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, several officials and dignitaries’ families paid visits to Imam’s house and she along with her family visited their homes. 

 She never became tried of fulfilling her responsibilities. She always avoided nepotism and favoritism. 

Imam always used to praise her sacrifices and services she rendered to family and the revolution. 

The lady Khadija described one of the most difficult and tough times of her life when the great leader of the Islamic world Imam Khomeini passed away and departed to heavens. She stood by her children and the revolution after the Imam’s passing away. 

Late Lady Khadija is known as mother of the Islamic Revolution and her sacrifices are hailed and appreciated by all the entire Iranian nation and divine people around the world. 

Imam Khomeini’s wife created a peaceful atmosphere at home despite all difficulties faced by her family during struggle against the Shah regime.

 Imam’s Khomeini's late wife, Khadijah Thaqafi, who passed away 14 years ago, is known as Quds-Iran.

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