An Interview with Samir Al-Heidari from U.K. (2)

An Interview with Samir Al-Heidari from U.K. (2)

Samir Al-Heidari, a community activist, from U.K. is interviewed by the portal of Imam Khomeini


Q: What approach did Imam Khomeini adopt for promoting moral teachings especially among the Iranians?

Imam Khomeini was actually a great Aref (mystic) who aimed at promoting morality among all Muslim nations especially the Iranians. By creating moral and spiritual works he provided us with practical information to be applied in both our individual and social life. As a spiritual leader, he also made sincere efforts to raise consciousness of the Ummah about the divinely commands and highlight our duty as a true servant of God. The Imam had a great and inspiring personality and served as a role model for many of his devotees and admirers. He is the one who really made us think and urged us to have deep insight toward religion.       

Q: In terminating part of your speech do you have any suggestion to English portal of the Institute?

As you know we live in an era of modern communication, accordingly we need to be equipped with modern tools if we are going to be an influence among the nations. With the advancement of technology we also need to be able to use technology in a more precise way to widely promote teachings of Imam Khomeini as the great leader of Muslim world.

Furthermore, considering the bulk of anti-Islam and anti-Imam propaganda, it is very important that the libraries and Islamic organizations be equipped with works of the Imam both in digital form and with book format so that everybody can easily have access to the works and so be familiar with Imam's thought and ideas. Already in the west people are looking for an alternative model to their life, however the further they search western models, the more they become disappointed; but the pure Mohammadan Islam and precious teachings of its great leader and scholar Imam Khomeini remain always unique and unparalleled.  

After the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini delivered many lectures on different subjects and issues; these lectures need to be subtitled in different languages to convey the message of contemporary Muslim world greatest leader.

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