Imam Khomeini remains symbol of change in contemporary world

Imam Khomeini remains symbol of change in contemporary world

A South African official says the late founder of the Islamic Republic has remained the symbol of change in contemporary history and a source of aspiration worldwide.

Sirajuddin Dasaei made remarks while visiting Jamaran complex which includes a Hosseiniah where Imam used to deliver speeches for public masses, and an art gallery where objects regarding the history of Islamic Revolution are kept and displayed.

Dassaei, who is a legal adviser to South African president said that South African people became very glad when Imam made a historic return to his homeland after spending several years in exile.

The foreign guest further said that he was deeply inspired by Imam in the past and will continue to seek path and guidance from his revolutionary spirit.

South African people also accomplished freedom 12 years after the success of the revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in Iran, he said.

The official also visited simply-built historic residence where Imam had opted to live after becoming the leader of the Islamic Revolution.

After the visit, he said Imam’s simple life-style will continue to attract oppressed people around the world.

It is worthy to mention that victory of the Islamic Revolution under Imam leadership changed the balance of power in interest of the Muslim world and oppressed people across the globe. 

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