Imam Khomeini's thought relieves humanity from crisis

Imam Khomeini's thought relieves humanity from crisis

The chief justice of Afghanistan says that the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran's dynamic thought and teachings can relieve humanity from several political crisis and ongoing moral and social decline.

Dr. Burhan Abdussalam Azimi, the chief justice of Afghanistan's supreme court made these remarks during a pilgrimage to Imam Khomeini's holy shrine in Tehran.

He visited the Imam's shrine along several Afghan officials. Dr. Azimi also said that a great wish and dream of his life to visit Imam's shrine has come true by this pilgrimage of great significance.

The chief justice went on to say that the public and masses of Afghanistan are well aware of Imam Khomeini's thought and I personally had read several of his precious works over some past few years. 

Dr. Azimi also put emphasis on following the great Imam's dynamic thought in order to gain independence and self-determination for the whole of the Muslim world.

The chief justice concluded that he came here to seek assistance from Imam's great soul and pray for prosperity of the Muslim Ummah. He  also sought best wishes for the Iranian nation.

Several analyst and pundits believe that Imam's dynamic thought had raised awareness among the Muslim and oppressed people of the world and his teachings could bring about real freedom and independence for all nations.   

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