Imam Khomeini played prominent role in highlighting and inspiring Palestinian cause: Dr. Komsari

Imam Khomeini played prominent role in highlighting and inspiring Palestinian cause: Dr. Komsari

Dr. Ali Komsari says that the al-Aqsa operation had been inspired by Imam's dynamic messages and his untiring struggle for the Palestinian cause.

Adressing a ceremony, Dr. Ali Komsari, the head of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini that the founder of the Islamic Republic Imam had played  the most prominent role in the Palestine cause.

Hojjat al-Islam Komsari, the head of Imam Khomeini further said that "what happened in the besieged Gaza Strip and the courage we witnessed from the Palestinian youth is an echo came from the honorable Imam, and the "al-Aqsa Storm" operation is a storm that which  was actually formed by Imam’s dynamic messages.” 

Dr. Komsari emphasized that Imam paid the most attention to the Palestine issue until the end of his honorable life, both in terms of public opinion and action.

The institute’s head made remarks at a summit held under title "A review of Palestinian   developments" at Hossseiniah Jamaran on Thursday. 

He said that due to Imam’s untiring efforts over the past decades, the issue of Palestine has now become top issue of the world regardless of the negligence by the international community.  

Dr. Komsari stated that among all the contemporary figures, Imam played the most prominent role in highlighting Palestine cause and warned of the dangers posed by Israel. 

The first messages of Imam go back to May 1342, when imam openly talks about the dangers of the usurping Israeli regime. 

Imam at the time made it clear that he has no fear if his life is threatened and endangered due to message in favor of Palestine. 

In his closing part of the speech, Dr. Komasari concluded by saying that the amount of bloodshed shed and brutality displayed by the Zionist regime is unmatched and unprecedented in history

Kamsari stated that the death toll released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health show that such cruelity and bloodshed shed by the Zionist regime is unparalleled in history. 

He hoped that with the continued resistance of the Palestinian people, the world will witness the end of these crimes. 

The remarks come as Israel has been engaged in a ferocious war on Gaza since October 7, when Hamas and its fellow Gaza-based resistance movement, the Islamic Jihad, launched their biggest operation against the occupiers in years. The surprise Operation al-Aqsa Storm came in response to the regime’s intensified crimes against the Palestinian people.

The death toll since the start of the Israeli carnage has surpassed 8,000 with upwards of 20,500 Palestinians wounded. A staggering 70 percent of casualties in Gaza are children, women, and the elderly.


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