The foreign minister meets with Friday prayer leaders at Imam Khomeini’s shrine

The foreign minister meets with Friday prayer leaders at Imam Khomeini’s shrine

The Iranian foreign minister meets with the representatives of the leader and Friday prayer leaders at Imam al-Khomeini's holy shrine

Addressing a recent gathering, Hossein Amir Abdollahian said that the Zionist entity did not achieve any of its stated goals during the continued brutal aggression on Gaza.

He further said that the resistance forces in the region, including in Yemen, are acting independently and within the framework of their nations’ interests, and they don’t receive orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 The top Iranian diplomat said that the resistance groups were playing their role in the West Asia and beyond in a complex global circumstances.

He further said that Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has been able to damage and destroy the political security structure and the psychological condition of the Israeli occupying regime during the October 7 al-Aqsa Storm operation. 

Amir Abdallahian pointed that the United States and the Zionist entity and some Western countries tried to present the October 7 operation as terrorism. But this vision is completely negated by the constructive diplomacy of the resistance axis and front. 

Abdallahian considered the massive US support for the Zionist entity a big mistake on the part of Washington and said:

“The Zionist entity and its supporters thought that they were capable of destroying Hamas in a short period of time, and these calculations were completely wrong,” the top diplomat said.  

 He also stressed that the resistance movements in the region now enjoy the strength of their activity in order to promote peace and security and has been turned into a stabilizing factor in the region. 

Describing Martyr General Soleimani as the hero of the war against terrorism on the international stage,

 He stressed that the resistance forces in the region work independently and the behavior patterns of the resistance groups are quite remarkable.

 Hezbollah was now working as a large part of the forces confronting the Zionist entity in the  with southern Lebanese border.   

The foreign minister deplored that the Zionist regime had until now killed 25,000 Palestinian citizens, mostly women and children. But he made clear that the regime in Tel Aviv had reached none of its stated goals.

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