Imam’s Recommendations to the Muslim World

Imam’s Recommendations to the Muslim World

The lack of faith, determination and unity among Muslim nations as well as their ignorance about the great power of being united constitute the major concerns of Imam Khomeini.

The lack of faith, determination and unity among Muslim nations as well as their ignorance about the great power of being united constitute the major concerns of Imam Khomeini. Highlighting the issues and problems of Muslim world, the Imam always puts emphasis on the significance of an independent Islamic system and recommends the Islamic Ummah to strengthen their power against the pressures of superpowers and intruders. Here, we present some of his wise words in this regard:            

 O, World Muslims and followers of the monotheistic ideology! Difference and disharmony is the cause of all problems with which Islamic countries wrestle. The secret of victory lies in unity of expression and harmony. God the Exalted says," Cling to God's rope and not get dispersed."" Cling to God's rope" is a call for harmony among all Muslims. Every Muslim should avoid dispersion and grouping for the sake of Islam. Dispersion is the root of all misery and backwardness. I implore God to grant dignity to Islam and Muslims and unity of expression to Muslims of the world.

     Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 10, p. 113

The Muslims of the world should unite. They should work together. They should not divide. They should not consider the borders as the separation of hearts. The borders are separate, but the hearts should be united. Muslims are strong and have a lot of potentials. They also possess lots of resources. Muslims are one billion. They can stay united. They can produce a huge power. Because they are rich in resources, they would need nobody's assistance. Rather, other countries would need Muslims' assistance.

Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 11, p. 87

Our problems are our governments. Islam's problem lies with the Muslim governments. This should be dealt with. If the governments change their path and move towards Islam; if they turned from Pan-'Arabism to Islam, from Turkish nationalism) Pan-Turanism (to Islam, the problems would be solved. But if they do not make this move, the troubles will persist until the Muslim nations take action themselves as the Iranians did. Iranians solved their problems with the force of their fists, and so all other countries must follow suit. They shouldn't just sit down, hoping that their governments would take action. These governments only think about themselves. These Muslim governments have nothing to do with Islam. And if they ever mention Islam it is merely to deceive their people.

Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 13, p. 78

O, Muslims in all lands and countries in the world! Rise up. O, prominent `Ulama' of the world of Islam! Come to rescue Islam and lands of Muslims and the Muslims. Turn down the tyrants of the West and the East like the Iranian nations and its government, `Ulama' and great men of this land in every nook and cranny and expel the false agents and experts and their oil-sucking advisors from your land. Like the Iranian warriors prefer martyrdom to wretchedness and Islamic and human dignity to pleasures and luxuries of the few days of the world coupled with abjectness and shame and prevail over them in political and military arena without fearing their propaganda commotions as God Almighty is with you.

Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 19, p. 313

Firmly and decisively, I declare to the entire world that if the world-devourers venture to stand against our religion, we will stand against all of them and will not rest until their complete destruction. Either we shall attain freedom, or achieve the greater freedom of martyrdom. In the same way, that we brought our revolution to victory without the assistance and consent of even a single country, organization or world forum, as we fought the war assistance, we will traverse the remaining path with all its ups and downs, with trust in God Almighty, single-handedly and were able to defeat the aggressors without help from any foreign country carry out our duty. At the end, we shall either shake hands jubilantly and celebrate the global victory of Islam, or all of us shall turn to eternal life and martyrdom and embrace death with dignity. In both the cases, the victory is ours, and we do not neglect to pray to God under any circumstance.

Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 20, p. 307

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