An Interview with Son of the Shia Leader in Tatarstan

An Interview with Son of the Shia Leader in Tatarstan

Imam possessed a matchless personality, Hamzah Askarove, son of the present leader of Tatarstan's Shia Muslims, made the remarks in an interview with English Portal of Imam Khomeini.

Mr. Hamzah, the son of the Tatarstan leader, is a seminary student currently studying at Al-Mostafa International Seminary University. The son and father were among the foreign guests attending the 24 departure anniversary of Imam Khomeini in Tehran. The staff member of our website conducted a discussion with the hopeful Youngman:


Question: What were reasons and motives behind your travel to continue education at the seminary in Iran?

Answer: I was a devotee of great Imam Khomeini and the supreme leader and was brought up with these thought and ideas since my very early childhood. I also considered myself as the soldier of Imam Khomeini. Almost 90 percent of Shia Muslims are followers of the present leader while following jurisprudence principles.

Question:  What kind of hurdles and obstacles the Wahhabis and extremists are creating for Shia Muslims in Tatarstan?

Answer: We are leading very peaceful life alongside Sunni Muslims and advancing the agenda of Islam. We have also managed to launch a website titled "al-Kawthar-- Ahl al-Bayt"to promote the pure Islamic teachings.  At least, 35000 Shia Muslims are leading a peaceful and cordial academic and intellectual life with followers of other religions and sects.

Question: What type of methods can be adopted to confront the insults against the Islamic personalities and sensitivities?

Answer: I have very brief answer for this. We must resort to patience and tackle these attacks and insults with soft methods.

Question: Please mention briefly about formation and history of Imam's thought and ideas in Tatarstan?  

Answer:  My father was the first one who released Imam's speeches in Moscow and Baku and other cities across the region.  He wanted to introduce Imam's dynamic thought to the people and public. It was as a result of my father and his colleagues' efforts that Imam's ideas became soon popular among the public in this strategic region.

When my father entered Tatarstan 18 years ago, the Shia Muslims did not dare to express their beliefs and rights due to atmosphere of horror. They could not say their prayers freely. We could overcome these circumstances of dread and horror. Now the Shia Muslims feel free to mark Ashura and get gather for other religious ceremonies.

Question: Which of Imam's books or writings you have read?

Answer: The number of Imam's books translated into Russian language is limited and inaccessible.

However, I regularly read the supreme leaders speeches and statements through the internet.

Question: Do you see similarities between Imam and the present supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution?

Answer: The both belong to Seyed families, successor of the contemporary infallible Imam Mahdi (may God Almighty hasten his emergence) and there is also great similarities between their ideals and thought.

Question: As you know, Imam did not ignore the significance of Quran and prayers even during the last moments of his life. To how much extent do you believe that victory of the Islamic Revolution was inspired by the teachings of holy Quran?

Answer: Reciting Quran and managing prayers at the earliest times bless human with specific spiritual power. It is crystal clear that Imam and the current supreme leader have protected their sovereignty through sticking to regular daily and night prayers. We must follow the suit.

Question: How leaders can play role in victory of the revolution? What are your views about the current revolutions across the Middle East and North African regions? Do you prefer to say the Islamic Awakening or the Arab Awakening?

Answer: The key to victory for the Islamic Revolution was the great personality of Imam and the sacred blood of martyrs which are less seen regarding the other countries.  

Question: How can we preach the dynamic thought of the great Imam to other nations and countries?

Answer:  More foreign guests must be invited to Iran and information regarding the great Imam, martyrs, imposed war and the revolution be provided. We must preach ideals and ideas of Imam to the young generation and we should explain to how much extent the youth of that time had devoted to the great leader.

Question: Can you briefly mention the personality of Imam in a single sentence or expression?

Answer: The world would never experience again the leader similar to Imam. He was mere personality who could stand against cruelty and oppression with favors of the contemporary infallible Imam—the savior—and made others learn to do so. 

Last expression: we pray God the Almighty for the good fortunes and fate for all. 


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