Lebanon Holds Academic Contest about Imam Khomeini

Lebanon Holds Academic Contest about Imam Khomeini

A Lebanese institute with support of Iranian culture house in the capital city of Beirut has held an academic contest to highlight the intellectual capabilities and political vision of Imam Khomeini.

The contest was held with the joint efforts of the Iranian culture house and Afaq institute to make the young generations aware of Imam's teachings and dynamic thought.

The questions were set from the book by Shaik Naeem Qasim, the deputy leader of the Islamic movement Hezbollah under the title of "Imam Khomeini, principality and modernity".

Several of the participants were granted with precious gifts during a special ceremony which was attended by the Iranian Ambassador Ghazanfar Roknabadi, Iranian cultural director Hassan Sehhat and Hezbollah deputy chief Shaikh Qasim.

The ceremony was also attended by several other senior officials, political figures, academics and intellectuals who delivered speeches to underscore significance of various perspectives of Imam's personality.

Roknabadi emphasized that the Islamic Revolution is closely associated with the great name of Imam and he made this unique movement unshakeable and undefeatable across the globe and throughout the contemporary history.

He also noted that Imam struggled against the global arrogance and imperialism and founded the Islamic Revolution on principals of 'neither East, nor West' and slogan of independence.

The deputy leader of Hezbollah also said during his speech that the great leader of the Muslim world always supported the cause of Palestine and stood by the side of Palestinian people.

Imam did not take the Palestine issue as a matter of priority or choice, but a matter of Palestinian nation, Shaikh Naeem Qasim concluded.

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