Imam Highlighted Significance of Training for Children

Imam Highlighted Significance of Training for Children

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic used to advice that parents and guardians must observer the Islamic, social and moral values while bringing up their children.

The great spiritual leader of the Muslim world also advised parents and guardians to carefully train their children and equip them with training and skills which they require to build the nation's future.

The great scholar frequently highlighted the role of women especially as a mother in upbringing healthy and well-educated generation.

Imam often noted that women were responsible for nurturing and upbringing of the children and the process of education and training starts from cradle and laps of mother.

The great intellectual of the Muslim world advised that all members of society, schools, teachers and institutions become mobilized to bring up new generation in accordance with the genuine teachings of Islam and norms of contemporary era.

We bring some wise sayings and pieces of advices with regards to education and training by the great Imam as following:  


  • The initial point of any reform is man himself. If man is not educated properly he cannot educate others.

  • If man is reared and educated properly, all things in the world will be set  right.

  • No other creature on earth makes as much trouble and mischief as man, this biped being. And no other being needs training and education as much as this biped beast does!

  • Just as every person and individual is obliged to correct himself, he is also obliged to correct others.

  • The world is but a school and the prophets and saints [awliya'] are its teachers.

  • In Islam all things are preliminary to man's cultivation and development.

  • With proper education and upbringing of men, the whole world will be reformed.

  • The foundation of the world is geared toward the proper rearing and education of the human being.

  • Learning per se is of no use; sometimes it is even harmful.

  • The harms that befall the country are mostly from untutored thinkers and unrefined teaching. They acquire knowledge but lack piety.

  • Train! That which is impotent is training. Knowledge alone is of no use; knowledge alone is harmful.

  • Training and purification take precedence over learning.

  • The class of people who want to guide the people should act in conformity with their speech.

  •  Secondly, training and purification take precedence over teaching.

  • Laxity and negligence in education is treason to Islam, the Islamic Republic and the cultural independence of a nation and a country, and it must be avoided.

  • The most honorable occupation in the world is breeding a child and offering (an upright) man to the society.

  • From today's infants will emerge tomorrow's worthy men and scholars.

  • Take note that the pre-university period is more important than that of the university because children's rational growth takes place in this period.

  • Reform of the university is easy if our children have been supervised since high school days.

  • School propagation programs should include language””the world's living languages; those that are more widely used in the world.

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