Books on Imam Khomeini Published in French Language

Books on Imam Khomeini Published in French Language

The Iranian cultural center in Paris with close coordination of an international publishing company has managed to publish two academic books which reflect Imam’s ideas on correction of society and guidance of people.

The books titled “the correction of society” and “Service to people” have recently been published in French language by the al-Braagh publishing company. The works are compiled by considering the spiritual and moral needs of the French and western societies.

The books are now available at different bookstores across France and the world.

The “correction of society” reflects Imam’s views and the ideas about the principal of Islam known as “commanding for good and prohibiting from bad” and highlights the stages of such a task of great importance. According to Imam, if such principal is peormed then the societies will never be led towards moral, social and humane decline.

The other book titled “Service to people” underscores the Imam’s commitments and the services rendered for the Islamic and human society. Imam used to maintain that all senior officials and authorities should be ready to render services for common people.

Imam always advised the government officials to serve the interest s of people and undertake serious efforts to provide the public with the basic facilities and necessities.

Imam always showed great concern about the problems and hurdles while facing the common people and society. He believed that the governments must use all resources to find solution for the people’s problems.

The great leader established an Islamic-democratic system in Iran following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 which brought independence and prosperity to the public and society.

Imam took serious efforts to resolve the problems of the Islamic world and the oppressed nations. He is being deeply loved and respected by all free-minded people across the globe.  



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