Two Books on Imam’s Views Published in Urdu

Two Books on Imam’s Views Published in Urdu

International department of the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works has managed to publish two significant books about Imam's monotheistic views and dynamic thought in Urdu language for its Indian subcontinent’s audience and readers.

One of the books which titles “Monotheism from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini” is published in two volumes and contains more than 1300 pages. The book consists of valuable articles which underscore the significance of this topic from viewpoint of the great scholar and mystic of the Islamic world.

This collection has been greatly and widely welcomed by the readers in Indian subcontinent and Urdu speaking people across the world.

Separately, a collection of articles regarding Imam’s mystic and moral views also has been published in Urdu language and the book contains more than 400 pages. It contains articles by scholars and academics which were presented during an international summit held in Tehran six year ago.

It is note-worthy that the international department of the institute has translated dozens of Imam Khomeini works into several languages.

Imam has written his works on a range of subjects including jurisprudence, philosophy, mysticism, poetry and touched upon a variety of topics and he undertook serious efforts to resolve theoretic and practical problems facing the Muslim world.

His works and dynamic ideas would continue to guide the Muslim world, oppressed nations and young generations through the centuries to come. 

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