Najaf Holds International Summit on Imam Khomeini

Najaf Holds International Summit on Imam Khomeini

The participants at international summit in the holy city of Najaf say Imam Khomeini‘s Islamic Revolution has had a great impact in raising awareness among the Muslims and oppressed nations around the globe.

The summit was attended by more than one thousand scholars, academics, lecturers, professors, seminary figures, diplomats and cultural and political dignitaries.

Mohammad Sadegh Hashemi, the secretary-general of the summit said that the gathering in the Iraqi city was being held in order to elucidate Imam’s certain dynamic thought that have greatly contributed to awaken the regional nations and especially the young generation.

He noted that at least 20 research articles had been sent to the secretariat of the summit which cover a variety of topics regarding the revolution and the Islamic awakening.

Meanwhile, Seyed Ahmad Mohanna, a prominent cleric at Najaf’s seminary said that the Islamic movement and revolution led by Imam Khomeini is too much dynamic as it continues to influence the nations and raising awareness among them.

Several analysts and pundits believe that the great Imam’s thought have revived the genuine Islamic teachings and empowered the Islamic movements in different parts of the world in our contemporary era.

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