Imam remains matchless in contemporary era: Tajik intellectual

Imam remains matchless in contemporary era: Tajik intellectual

A Tajik professor says the founder of the Islamic Republic has become unique and matchless personality due to his knowledge and wisdom and reviving human values in contemporary century.

Maryam Nur Ava, the head of oriental studies department at Tajikistan University said Imam became very popular among intellectuals and masses of the Muslims and other nations due to his divine wisdom and the efforts he undertook for revival of the Islamic thought and teachings.

The great Imam established the first functioning Islamic-democratic system in our contemporary era and set a very unique pattern for a prosperous Islamic state, the academic figure said.

Nur Ava went onto say that the spiritual and religious leader of the world also became very popular among Tajik public and literary figures, poets and activists. Several of them have written books and composed poems about Imam and the Islamic revolution under his wise leadership at very sensitive juncture of history.

The professor noted that Imam Khomeini raised the divine flag at a time when the whole world was suffering from moral and social decline. The Iranian nation gained independence and freedom and reduced their reliance on western powers under his wise leadership and guidance. The other nations can also follow the suit to gain ideal models. 

The researcher concluded that Imam’s dynamic thought will continue to guide the Muslims and oppressed nations of the world for centuries to come.

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