Imam's comprehensive personality triggered victory of revolution

Imam's comprehensive personality triggered victory of revolution

Imam Khomeinithe founder of the Islamic Republic had possessed various unique divine perspectives and a comprehensive personality who led the Islamic Revolution towards victory in Iran and raised awareness among nations across the globe.

Mohammad Reza Hakima, a prominent intellectual and writer wrote in an opinion piece that Imam Khomeini had possessed a variety of religious and spiritual perspectives which could not be easily examined in other personalities among the leaders of contemporary era.

The writer has shed light on some of these unique divine aspects of his personality. He maintains that Imam was blessed with a great amount of divine piety, piousness and prominence. The divine grandeur and dignity could be seen and examined in his personality.

In addition, Imam felt great zeal and zest for the Muslims to build a bright future and undertook serious efforts to raise awareness about the problems the oppressed people were grappling with around the globe. Imam also identified those brutal leaders of colonialism, imperialism, and communism who were inflicting these sufferings for the nations.

Imam was blessed with divine wisdom and had equipped himself with all knowledge of contemporary era and the seminary discipline.  He was a matchless scholar, jurist, poet, theologian, religious figure and political leader.

The great leader of the Muslim world was from seminary background and the great religious authorities of the time had showed great trust towards him and his personality. Imam had played great role in reformation and advancement of the Islamic seminaries and so he was blessed with Great Spirit of faith. This factor had also contributed towards forming a balanced and comprehensive personality which at later stages proved beneficiary in guiding the human societies.

Another prominent factor which can be examined in Imam’s personality is of possessing a revolution spirit. If a reader or analyst reads Imam’s works and books which were authored even during his youthhood and some decades back show that his writings are manifestation of his revolution ideas and teachings. His inclinations and stances against oppressors and cruelty can be easily seen through his works. He was also blessed with unique spirit of faith and divine qualities which turned him into an undefeatable personality against the world aggressive powers.

The great Imam accessed to a high great divine knowledgeable personality due to his untiring self-efforts and a blessing by God the Almighty. But he shifted his experiences to his pupils as well and guided and trained a large number of knowledgeable students who later became a social and spiritual guide for the Muslim society.

Imam opened and showed the clergymen the horizons beyond seminaries and made them familiar with the problems people confronting with them in the society. In this way, they directly became involved and familiar with the masses’ sufferings and plight. Imam also made clerics mentally ready to raise awareness among the public.

Another aspect was that the great leader of the Muslim world considered and inspired other jurists to involve the social, moral and several other aspects while issuing decree about an object or issue. Earlier jurist considered the decrees only a religious matter and ignored its social and political aspects.

The great imam had political, social and moral approaches towards the issues facing the humanity and the Muslim world.

The great spiritual leader had full faith and confidence in his aims and objectives and undertook serious efforts to implement the Islamic-democratic system with consideration of all divine values.

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