French reporter was deeply impressed by great Imam

French reporter was deeply impressed by great Imam

A prominent reporter working for a famous French magazine says he was deeply impressed by personality, dignity and grandeur of the founder of the Islamic Republic when he met the great Imam for the first time to conduct an exclusive interview.

The reporter had not set an appointment with the great Imam but still wanted to conduct the interview in order to know Imam’s views on different world issues.

The journalist was wandering in the streets to find Imam’s residence in a locality. He was led towards Imam’s residence by a security guard without any specific hurdle.

The reporter was surprised to know that how the leader of the Muslim world was living in a very small and simple house where very basic facilities of welfare were missing.

When he requested to meet Imam at doorsteps, he was told to be wait patiently in a room until the great leader recite his noon prayers. The room was furnished with simplefurniture and a small piece of carpet.

After some moments, Imam entered the room and reporter says he was deeply impressed by his personality, spiritual qualities, simple life style, dignity and grandeur.

Similar memoirs have been reported by several foreign dignitaries, journalists and head of states who had met the great Imam at his simple residence. They were deeply impressed by Imam’s spirituality and his pure feelings for the sufferings of humanity.


Thousands of visitors and pilgrims pay visit to Imam’s simple house in Tehran and holy city of Qom and are deeply impressed by his simple lifestyle. They try to find the answer to their query that how such a person with divine-gifted talent shook the very basic pillars of the monarchies and colonial powers across the world.

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