Imam Khomeini Urged World Leaders to Back Iranian Nation

Imam Khomeini Urged World Leaders to Back Iranian Nation

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, called for all leaders and followers of the divine religions to support the Iranian nation during their struggle against aggressive powers.

The great leader of the Muslim world invited the church leaders and others to support the cause of the Iranian masses who were pursuing religious, social and moral values.

Imam Khomeini also held several meetings with the Christians, Jewish, Zoroastrian leaders of the world and sent them several messages in order to explain and elucidate the core objectives for international community.

The spiritual leader also urged the world liberated and free-minded men to support the Iranian people's struggle against monarchy and the vicious goals of the colonial powers.

The great figure wanted the followers of all divine religions and oppressed nations to become united under the flag of monotheism to pursue the common practices and goals.

Imam Khomeini voiced his serious opposition to any type of sectarian divisions among the Muslims and announced initiatives such as announcement of Unity Week on the auspicious birthday anniversary of the holy prophet of Islam in order to achieve real unions.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also attracted the attention of Muslims towards common problems such as Palestinian issues facing the Muslim world.

The great Imam Khomeini struggled hard to eliminate poverty, racism, inequality from across the globe. He urged international leaders to reform the United Nations and other world bodies in order to equally deal with all nations of the world and challenged the supremacy of some powers over these institutions.

Imam Khomeini wanted the nations to take destiny and fate in their own hands. He will continue to rule over hearts of millions of Muslims, oppressed nations and free-minded people for centuries to come.

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