Imam Khomeini Established Independent System

Imam Khomeini Established Independent System

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic established an Islamic-democratic system which aimed at bringing independence, freedom, and civil liberties for the Iranians and all other oppressed nations across the globe.

The great Imam led the Islamic Revolution at a sensitive juncture of history when all countries were either allied to Western power bloc or the eastern powers.

Imam rejected any supremacy and emphasized on mutual respect, human dignity and said that nations should have right to determine their own fate and destiny.

The great leader of the Muslim world predicted that the communism and imperialism will soon pave the way of an all-out collapse and sounded warnings for societies against plugging into social and moral decline.

Imam attracted the international attention towards problems facing the Muslim world and oppressed nations and presented concrete solutions. The great Imam Khomeini bravely confronted poverty, inequality, racism, dominance and supremacy by global and colonial powers.

He also undertook serious efforts to unite the followers of all divine religions and oppressed nations under one flag so they can confront vicious supremacy of some colonial powers.

Imam worked hard for welfare of all societies and promoted social, moral and human values in fields of politics and international relations.

Imam also came up with solutions and initiatives to solve the regional and international problems. He stood against warmongering powers and promoted peace and tranquility across the region and the world.

Decades after the victory of the Revolution we came to the conclusion that Imam's ideas continue to inspire awakening and raise awareness among the nations.

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